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Your favourite PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC games etc...


So. my favourite games for PS2 is FlatOut or The URBZ Sims in the city::::01::

Xbox is, Morrowind or State Of Emergency.::::17::

PC, Unreal Tournament 2004, SimCity™ 4 or TheSims 2 and UNIVERSITY (Expantion Pack) ::::31::



  • For PS2 it would be DBZ budokai 3 and DBZ saga

    for X-BoX its Fable and DBZ saga

    For GameCube its a Unknow game and Saga!

  • WhiteSoulWhiteSoul Member Posts: 7

    This is a random poll

  • AlcananAlcanan Member UncommonPosts: 268

    For X-Box it would have to be Fable or Marrowwind

    For the PC it would have to be: Star wars:KOTR ( 1 and 2 )

    Dont have any other system so no opinion on them ,


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  • WhiteSoulWhiteSoul Member Posts: 7

    little question. when i choose my avater there isnt a way to save it, how can i keep it from going away???::::37::::::38::::::26::

  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    well I can easily say for xbox that it's halo 2

    I have no idea for ps2 though..only owned one of those for less than 5 months.

  • GhostExileGhostExile Member Posts: 19

    i'de have to say for Xbox it wud prob be morrowind halo 1! or NFSU2....

    ps2 probs bee flatout......

    PC it wud be MUonline

    i have no gamecube...

    N64 wud be Zelda

    and sega wud definatly be Sonic!


  • kel11kel11 Member Posts: 1,089

    pc is ut2k4.

    ps2 is fifa 2004

    gamecube is gonna be zelda!

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  • OrccOrcc Member Posts: 3,043

    State of Emergency is easily one of the wosrt games ive ever played in my life.


    GTA series, MGS series, DMC (1 & 3)


    Starcraft, Counter-Strike, Morrowind, UO or BF1942

  • DuckyDucky Member Posts: 413

    Favorite game for Xbox: Fable

    PS2: Not sure..

    PC: Space Ranger's image, Fallout 1-2 and fallout 3 i am sure :P



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