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I have been having some lag problems with lineage II

bwl2bwl2 Member Posts: 39
I have put all the settings to their lowet point. What do you reccomend I do besides that?


  • EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384

    What kind of processor do you have?

    Video Card?


    and Internet connection?

    Where do you live?

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  • bwl2bwl2 Member Posts: 39
    Ohio, wireless boradband connection
  • bwl2bwl2 Member Posts: 39
    And I have a windows XP so what ever that entails with the RAM and video card
  • MaxxxMaxxx Member UncommonPosts: 389

    were you just getting lag on the 10th?

    people were complaining about alot of lag on the servers around 9-10

  • bwl2bwl2 Member Posts: 39
    no, this has been a reoccering problem
  • MaxxxMaxxx Member UncommonPosts: 389

    ok then...
    whats your processor, vidoecard etc

  • SeanRPSeanRP Member Posts: 106

    People have been talking a lot about that last update we had messing something up. There was also a server crash on my server last night around 9:00. I hadnt have any problems since and started playing until that last update. Check out the Official L2 forums and you may find out more.



  • ShmoShmo Member Posts: 6
    The big lag is happening on mostly Kain, Bartz and I think Seighart (if not Seig then it's another one). Unfortunately, this isn't something NCSoft can really fix. They are having trouble with their ISP which is connected to those three servers. Everyone is having this problem and changing your in0game settings won't help much. Only thing you can do is wait it out and/or bitch about it unfortunately.
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