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FF XIV Beta Web Site

linedawglinedawg Member UncommonPosts: 123

Hello everyone I just wanted to see if anyone else is having problems with the beta test site. Every time I go to the site, it claims that I’m logged in with some random user name and when I try to access any link it tells me that I’m not logged in. So I will log out and log back in with my account information. When I do I get “Welcome [Some random user name] and I still can’t access the site.


So am I going crazy or has anyone else experienced this?


  • bios5300bios5300 Member Posts: 38

    Anyone that registered for the open beta, has this same experience.  I log in usually twice before I can get access.  SE made a random name appear everytime.  The only thing good about the site is that you have a manual.  You can't report bugs or suggestions so it is pretty worthless.

  • linedawglinedawg Member UncommonPosts: 123

    I’m glad to see that I was not the only one experiencing this.  For the very first time ever I canceled my OB account. Between the game client issue and the Beta test web site their customer support did it in for me. I emailed them to state the issue I’m having with the client and the web site and the response I got was “Check the beta site, if it is not there then it don’t exists” 

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