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Question about two games

 VANZIG VANZIG Member UncommonPosts: 11

Hi i have a question about two of EA games, first i couldn't play the APB beta i didnt have everything for my pc to rebuild it.

I am willing to buy the game for $49.99 msrp, but is this game have any monthly fees? And that goes for Need For Speed World as well, i mean people complain about it cause you have to pay $20.00 for a starter pack, which isn't bad now if it was $59.99 or higher that would be an outrage!


  • harvschmarvharvschmarv Member Posts: 83

    The news about APB has been pretty dismal lately. If I were you, I'd hold off paying 50 bucks for that simply due to the negative reviews that can be easily found at this site and others. Read up on it here and at


  • JorendoJorendo Member UncommonPosts: 275

    APB isn't a bad game if you know what you playing. I play APB and the nice thing about APB is once you buy the game you get 50 hours of game time. You only use time when you are in the action districts..if you play 2 hours than you lose 2 hours...if you don't play for 10 day than you still have 48 hours left.


    Anyway things you want to know about APB is that it isn't GTA online...a mistake the game press made and was exspecting it to be. APB is a cops and robbers game, you fight against the other (you choose to be a cop or a crime). The missions aren't all to exciting, but the game is about the shoot outs anyway. There is no PvE...when ever you are doing a mission someone from the other side can be put against you and than it turns into a PvP mission.


    The game is unbalanced, they really need to fix that. People with better gear will be in a huge advantage cause they have faster health regen and better protection against bullets while their guns are more powerfull too. Than you can be really skilled but you won't win that. But....if you have friends who play it aswell and you work together you will see its a really nice game and the odds are better than.


    APB has some seriouse issues but if you play with friends and are looking for a pvp game with cars and guns than you will have fun in this game. Its a typicale in between game. You can play this for half an hour or a few hours...but its not something you play dailly for hours.

  • TheHavokTheHavok Member UncommonPosts: 2,423

    Anybody get the feeling that he's trying to advertise these games?  Because I kind of do....but then again..I'm about 8 beers deep.

  • JorendoJorendo Member UncommonPosts: 275

    Me trying to advertise the game? The guy asks about the game so i tell him my experience, its my personal experience. How is that advertising? I know the game has seriouse problems aswell thats why i mentioned its not balanced well.


    So if anyone says a certain game does not sucks as much as the game press says its advertising?

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