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RozallaRozalla Member Posts: 51

Does anyone know why Dawntide is not in the games list ?


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    probably but its the game maker that has to provide all that mmorpg require

    its like RED CLIFF great game but since the server are in malesia i guess they forget their game is global and that has game provider its their job to advertise the game world wide or at least provide the info mmorpg need

    true on the aaa title mmorpg will communicate with the game dev and ask the minimum they need but when a game is global it is very hard for mmorpg to track all game and make them avail on the website.sometime guys like us find those game and do one post but on a site as popular as this the tread get lost in the 100 of daily post fairly quick .

    best bet is to suggest it to game maker to supply the info mmorpg need .

  • RozallaRozalla Member Posts: 51

    Well,  im pretty sure they know enough about it.

    This was posted by mmorpg a few days ago 


  • ionutz21ionutz21 Member Posts: 4

    it's nice

  • candycoatedcandycoated Member Posts: 86

    It looks ..... diffrent

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