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This Game Has Some Major Problems!


The current version Evony has some major problems that I hope are fixed when Evony: Age II is released!  The first problem is that players who are paying to play this game are receiving a clear advantage over non-paying players.  The second problem is that the seven day beginners protection given a player is not enough time to to protect yourself from becoming a "farm" for other players to feast upon.  The third problems is the length of time it takes, even with high Academy tech numbers, to build high level improvements to your buildings, armies & fortifications.

Although Evony advertises itself as a free game, it is clearly obvious that players who are paying to play this game are receiving a clear advantage over non-paying players!  If you see that a player has achieved the title pf "Prinzessin," this player has most likely purchased the medals needed to achieve this title!  The more medals a player is allowed to purchase means the higher their Title.  Higher title means more cities, which then more barracks, which then means more troops.  To level the playing field, Evony should create a pay-to-play version of this game & a non-paying version of this game!

Evony states that players are afforded beginners protection for seven days to build their troops and fortify their walls to try to prevent their city from being attacked by another player.  Players, like I was, quickly realize that this is not enough time to to protect yourself from becoming a "farm" for other players to feast upon.  To adequately protect your city from attack, a player needs about 130K Scouts, to prevent your city from being scouted, about 130k Archers & about 15k Archer Towers on level 10 Walls, to prevent your city from being attacked.  There is no way a player can achieve this in seven days!

To also improve gameplay, I think that Evony should also look into reducing the length of time it takes to obtain high level building & Academy research.  Who looks forward to waiting 7+ days to obtain level 10 walls, even with Contruction Academy research level 10?  Who looks forward to waiting 7+ days to obtain Archery, level 10, even with a high intelligence hero!  Did I mention the fact that Evony only allows one building project & one research project to be in process at any given time!

If Evony creates paying & non-paying versions of the game, allows players to come out of protection when they are truly ready to defend their city, & shortens the time of contructing high-level building & high-level researches in the Academy, I believe that I may try to play this game again.  It is also quite possible that the currently low rating numbers for Evony on this web site may also improve!


  • exhellexhell Member UncommonPosts: 37

    You really think this scam game is going to cater to the population that DOESN'T pay to play? Hahahah funniest thing i've heard in a long time. Good one. I'm sure they'll get right on catering to the poor bastages that don't give them any money. Games like this don't care about you, only dollars. Dollars vote.

  • Rogi-957Rogi-957 Member Posts: 2

    Why would you even play Evony... i could make somthing better in paint

  • eyeswideopeneyeswideopen Member Posts: 2,414

    The only problem is people actually play crap like this. And even worse, they PAY for crap like this.

    -Letting Derek Smart work on your game is like letting Osama bin Laden work in the White House. Something will burn.-
    -And on the 8th day, man created God.-

  • Schutzy121Schutzy121 Member Posts: 58

    Evony is the most horrible game I have ever played. They only want your money and plus it's hard to figure the game out. It's so confusing.


  • KalekKalek Member Posts: 2

    Aside from the usual issues all games experience, I have never had any problems with Evony. image

  • nlnforevernlnforever Member Posts: 38

    There is better browser-based game than Evony, I do not want to waste time on this game.

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  • M4koM4ko Member Posts: 385

    the game itself is not bad, but yes they do suck out money from you. I said it right when it came out and when they would make you buy horns to be able to talk  without even letting you know, and then you realize that your money is gone.

  • MagickKarmaMagickKarma Member Posts: 3

    I can honestly say this is the worst game I have ever played. Everything about it is poor quality. I only played it as long as I did (6 weeks) because I joined a top alliance while in protection mode. I then went on to farm every 'lesser' player around me. They couldn't defend themselves.

    The most amazing thing though, was the amount of people who were actually passionate about this game, even going as far as to ask their fellow alliance members to terminate facebook contact with friends who had moved to other alliances. When I was 'ordered' to do this by my alli leader, I sent him a mail asking why, just to see what he would say..'because you might let slip some of our newer stategies.' Not only is this game dire, but the ppl who play it are seriously unhinged. Our leader really did think he was Napoleon! Hahaha!


    Oh, and they make you pay to talk in world chat! So you can see where the players get their insanity from.


    Avoid like the plague.



    Karma Jack

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