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The bible online



  • bhugbhug Member UncommonPosts: 944

    I think (Kalos War, Operation 7, The Bible Online) limits registration to europe only, to stop people from the US from accessing their games.

    Our sincerest apologies, we cannot provide service to players in your region or to players using open proxies.

    AND as far as the actual OT (Old Testament) what we have today as the OT is a redacted (jahwist-elohist) transliterated, translated (Aramaic-hebrew into greek into latin into english) "bible."

    There were/ARE actual scrolls-text that the Kohen priesthood never intended to be made public. (In spite of Solomon.)
    It is like today's "bible" is a pr publication (new testament included especially); suitable for the entertainment of the common man. Actual occult history and practices involving communication and revelations from a spiritual Kingdom are not really practical for 'real life' scorn (there are more than five scrolls passed down through Moshe-Moses).

    It will be interesting to see how they present the expansion packs: gentile 'christain' nt and book of Mormon!
    ...Lucifer's end-game raid...


  • IhmoteppIhmotepp Member Posts: 14,495

    Originally posted by SgtFrog

    Can I play the class Jesus? 

    I hear they have cool skills like revive and walk on water. 


    you may only play Jesus class once you max  out all other classes in the game. 


    Seriously though, looks like single player, or at least nothing MMO about it.

    I've said for a long time somone should design a PvP MMO based on the Crusades.

    It's got everything and players would be really passionate about crushing their oppoinents.


  • IhmoteppIhmotepp Member Posts: 14,495

    Originally posted by Koujow

    The Bible, especially the Old Testament, is actually full of some badassery. Even if you aren't religious in anyway, the Old Testament has a bunch of epic battles and God bringing wrath on folk and it can actually be kind of cool to read. I mean, the RPG Exalted suggests you read the Bible to get an understand of the epic campaigns you can undertake!

    On the actual game, I am kind of disappointed. Browser based MMOs are lame IMO. I don't know what I would like to see, but I actually am not opposed to an MMO in such a setting. 


    in Clockwork Orange Alex, the main character goes to prison for basically raping women and beating up people. For entertainment he reads the Old Testament because it's so full of the things he likes to do. The scenes where he is reading the Old Testament and imagining the scenes is full of badassery.



  • Does anyone remember a company that made Christian-based games for the original NES? I think they put out like three or four. I just remember my friend's parents got him a Noah's Ark one; it was a platforming game and you ran around as Noah, and jumped on animals and picked them up to carry them back to the ark. The mechanics were kind of like Super Mario Brothers 2 know...the Bible.

  • outfctrloutfctrl Member UncommonPosts: 3,619

    This game is similar to this one.  I have been playing this one for months.  I have two cities now.


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