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F2P With Large and Nice Community

valk290valk290 Member Posts: 6

I'm looking for a f2p game with a friendly community, but I also don't want a game with a dying community. Please don't list Maplestory. Could any of you suggest a good MMO with these requirements?


  • NeblessNebless Member RarePosts: 1,559

    DDO  or after Sept 10th LotRO.  You can play both F2p, even if it's a bit limited in that manner.  Go to their O-boards and check out their server listings to see which fits you best.  LotRO even has a post title 'choosing the right server' for new players to give you a heads up as what to expect.

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  • valk290valk290 Member Posts: 6

    I'll check DDO out.

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