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Looking for a new MMO(RPG)

Arete7Arete7 Member Posts: 3



I am currently looking for a new MMO to get into. I have played a good amount of them and am looking to "settle" in one. I thought WoW was the "one" but i haven't logged in my WoW account in over 6 months and don't plan on unfreezing it. Anyway, the mmo im looking for must have good gameplay and content. This is a gamebreaker for me. Graphics is just a very tasty gravy on top. I love pvp, it what gives a game longevity for me. Pve is also very nice for leveling. I am also looking for a game that has role-players. I mean, mmos use to be all about roleplay? WTF happened =(. I am currently looking for an amazing "sandbox" mmo with great pvp, nice graphics( i don't care how it looks but i have "stick-figure" combat, kills the imersion), and one with a roleplay community. Also i just got a new computer that literally can run anygame. Such an upgrade from my office dell.

   Everquest is out because pvp doesn't even seem to matter to them at all. Eve is out because I already take an economics class and don't need another. Also on foot combat is cooler then dogfights :P. SWG will always have a spot in my heart but is out because they never update it and i fear that SWTOR is going to kill it.

  So here are the contestants:

-Age of Conan- Seems pretty badass now days to me. Love the combat system. Love the graphics and maturity. However it doesn't seem very sandbox to me. However this can be overlooked if it's good. Tried it out but my old computer crashed after the starting area lol.

-DarkFall Online- I've been following this game for a while but didn't bother getting it at release because i heard it was an epic fail. With that said, it seems to have made many improvements. I just love the features of this game. You are able to build your own cities and raze others down. Sea Combat. Pretty much everything under the sun. A true sandbox. However a list of features does not display quality. I have heard that someone spilled water in this sandbox and everything is half-assed and wet. Seems that naked gangs rule the land and gang- up on people, also cheaters who macro level skills; and a repetitive level grind. Also what is up with the horrible animations O.o. Have they updated them.

-Fallen Earth- Cant say much about this mmo. Heard good things though

-Your favorite mmo =)

sidenote: My dream mmo would be a fusion of WoW's dev team, Age of Conans Graphics and combat system, and Darkfalls features. Darkfall seems to be what I am looking for but I don't want a half-baked version of a game. Also like i said i love to role-play....and sadly my pvp brothers and sisters don't >.<.

  *edited for accidently pressing enter before finish fail*  

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    Play all the free trials.
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