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LF new free game

Jah92Jah92 Member Posts: 21

I'm looking for a game similar to wow but more fast paced, wow just got boring for me because I played everything already.


  • rashherorashhero Member UncommonPosts: 510

    I smell a troll. More fast paced than WoW?

  • Jah92Jah92 Member Posts: 21

    more action, any game that people dont say is boring pretty much.

  • RogueSevenRogueSeven Member Posts: 321

    you smell a troll? really? gtfo the internet please.

    he wants an action mmo, i'd say take a look at Vindictus, Gods And Heroes just had a stress test, i would have loved to participated but my internet is too slow so i dont wish to wait 10 hours to download a game while i cant do anything else, so im not sure how G&H is but i believe they were going for a very active, fast paced type system, i remember some cool videos in the intial development process.

    people have said Runes of Magic is basically a free WoW, however this prolly wouldnt satify your "fast paced" needs.

    past that there are several fast paced sci fi mmos coming out soon (tm) such as jumpgate evolution and black prophecy.

    a fast paced game that just recently came out but has some bad press, APB. personally, i like the game until i run into the occasional aimbotter/wallhacker, the recent 1.4.1 patch made the game way better as well.

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