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fps mmo

Linus41Linus41 Member UncommonPosts: 15

Hi i'm looking for a FREE mmo fps. But i'm wondering if there is a game where you can play in a large world like in a real mmorpg. No small maps but an actual world. Can someone help me?

thx alot

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  • PalebanePalebane Member RarePosts: 4,006

    Borderlands is free to play on the PC. You can hook up with friends or strangers. When I played it was pretty easy to find players, and the gameplay is quest driven. It has many RPG qualities as well as being a solid shooter. And it can be played multiplayer.


    You can use the same player for single player and multiplayer and the multiplayer mobs/quests become more challanging the more players are in your group. I don't believe you will be seeing other players outside your group, and there is no auction hall or way to trade with other players outside your group as far as I know. Also, it's not really a big open world, but the maps are interesting, in my opinion. Probably the closest thing to what you are looking for.


    Alternatively: Shadowrun, Hellgate: London, Planetside.

    Upcoming:  Jumpgate Evolution, Huxley.

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  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    There a few enough P2P MMOFPS around, like DF, MO and APB. And the quality of them is kinda varying as it is, DF and MO are badly programmed and neither have many players. APB is better programmed and with better art but the gameplay is more or less the same all the time, no surprises there.

    The few F2P ones are worse, you probably have to wait until someone like Valve or Rockstar makes one to get a good. 

  • RogueSevenRogueSeven Member Posts: 321

    i think planetside is the only game with what you are describing atm, however it is an old game with few players left due to SOE and its not so green thumb.

    there is also World War 2 Online, it is a very hardcore game, very realistic and i guess you could say tough to get into unless you get a good group to help you. and like planetside it is dated and there is a small, but dedicated, community.

    some games coming out soon(tm) that might interest you:

    Planetside Next (however there is only discussion and a survey from SOE about it, no idea on release, what the game will have, i recall a post on the planetside boards recently that anyone involved has to keep their lips welded shut, so GL finding much about it)
    Earth Rise
    Jumpgate Evolution
    Black Prophecy
    Battlestar Galactica Online
    World of Tanks
    Warhammer 40k online...not soon....2013..ish..

    i mention games like JGE, BP and BSGO because they are twitch based like an FPS and vindictus and TERA, i believe, are action mmos, again, twitched based

    only things i have mentioned that are free are BP, BSGO, and Vindictus

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