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Starting Aion.

BernieisgodBernieisgod Member Posts: 9

Hello Citizens of Aion,

I have recently grown tiresome of WoW, and I have decided to start playing Aion instead. Although I'm pretty confident I will buy it I'd like to try it out first. And since there is no trial out ATM I was wondering if one of you could possibly send me a refer-a-friend invite via my E-mail. I would be  very thankful, since my friend has started  and he's expecting me very soon.

Email: [email protected]


fc fgvg


  • BernieisgodBernieisgod Member Posts: 9


    fc fgvg

  • VikingGamerVikingGamer Member UncommonPosts: 1,350

    Sent. Have fun. Unfortunately the trial only lasts a few hours but it will give you a good first impression. There is double exp going right now but if you wait to buy until 2.0 is releasted in like 2 weeks you can get the whole game with the 2.0 update and a couple of the new pets in the new box that is going to retail on the 7th.

    All die, so die well.

  • The first ten levels of Aion are incredibly mind numbing. The game (imo) gets better every ten levels. (The next ten levels will be twice as fun as the last ten.)

  • SynthetickSynthetick Member Posts: 977

    Welcome to Atreia, enjoy ;)


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