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LF MMORPG similar to...

AlexM96AlexM96 Member Posts: 1

Hey all,

Well "good graphics" can be very diffrent between each one of us. So instead I will be using the work "artwork" instead.

LF mmorpg with similar artwork/graphical design as games like Lineage II and RF Online.

I can be flexible with all other "turn off" things like grindfest, F2P, P2P, low player base....etc!

So is there anything that looks like those two games?


  • NizurNizur Member CommonPosts: 1,417

    Aion. Just about any Asian grinder.

    Current: None
    Played: WoW, CoX, SWG, LotRO, EVE, AoC, VG, CO, Ryzom, DF, WAR
    Tried: Lineage2, Dofus, EQ2, CoS, FE, UO, Wurm, Wakfu
    Future: The Repopulation, ArcheAge, Black Desert, EQN

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