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Anyone recongnize this game?

jugularveinjugularvein Member UncommonPosts: 371

Hi all this maybe an odd question but I saw an advertisement that looked interesting but I cant remember the name of the game and cant seem to get the advertisement to repop. Ill try to describe it as best as possible, any help would be great ;)

1.  The game started with the letter X

2.  Its a dueling game kinda like MTGO online but with creatures that you add parts to or something of that nature.

3.  In the video ppl were like rolling these creatures onto the battlefield.

4   Its free to play and the "duelists" in it are actually called brawlers

5.  The arena was like a big circle of different colors

Any help would be great like I said the game looks interesting even though I really dont have a clue on how it works, prob sucks but its worth trying out. thx again ;)

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  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Member RarePosts: 14,247

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  • jugularveinjugularvein Member UncommonPosts: 371

    Thx for the reply but it wasnt exteel.  It had a battleground of sorts where cards were played and the game I know started with the letter X.  Think of it like MTGO with these types of battlemech creatures that for some reason would roll onto the battlefield, was just going off the video .  Any more help would be great thx

    CPU-HP Omen 17.3" Laptop  i7  12 GB AMD Radeon RX580 1 TB Hard Drive

  • ruonimruonim Member Posts: 251

    battle forge?

  • DocBrennisDocBrennis Member UncommonPosts: 39

    Sounds like my kids bakugan toys...

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  • ryuga81ryuga81 Member UncommonPosts: 351

    Originally posted by ruonim
    battle forge?

    sounds like some kind of mech-based clone of battleforge... though i don't remember seeing anything like that around...

    EDIT: the above poster just reminded me of something - this? but it's for DS O.o

  • jugularveinjugularvein Member UncommonPosts: 371

    First Im an idiot your totally right with the Bakugan.  I saw it was posted on mmorpg and thought it looked interesting but when I went to the website I dont even think its an online game lol.  The game just entered open beta online and was looking to check it out.  On a side note is the game even fun or is it just for kids.  Has anyone ever played it?  Any info would be great thx ;)

    CPU-HP Omen 17.3" Laptop  i7  12 GB AMD Radeon RX580 1 TB Hard Drive

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