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DAoC 2 - Would you play it?



  • Gardavil2Gardavil2 Member Posts: 394

    I voted no for two reasons.

    Number One:

    MMOs are not operated by the same kind of folks that they were when DAoC first released... The Devs made a MMO for Players (and themselves) that respected the idea that classes should have advantages and disadvantages, that opposing factions should have fundemental differences such as strengths and weaknesses.... such design requires (even demands) that the Devs be more than just employees and it demands that the Developers have the final say it design of the MMO.

    Such is no the case now in the MMO Industry. Investors are looked to to give either a thumbs up or a thumbs down to almost all design decisions in new MMOs... Investors that for the most are NOT players or Developers themselves... or that care more about the almighty buck than about crafting something special.

    I now longer believe the people that really control the MMO Industry would allow a complex MMO like the original DAoC to even reach Alpha phase of testing... it requires too much commitment and investment to make them feel warm and fuzzy about it's potential for financial success. I also believe this is why Warhammer was a failure as a possible successor to DAoC.

    Number Two:

    My second reason is going hurt some people's feeelings at the very least, and maybe even get me banned from these forums...

    The Players that the original DAoC was created for, that it was designed to attract as customers, can no longer be considered the "majority" in MMO Gaming. The Players that were attracted to MMOs back then wanted to cooperate and work together in an MMO, they wanted classes and races that were not balanced cookiecutter versions the same for each faction (or if not wanted they at least respected why they were not) and as such DAoC was a perfect place to waste thousands of countless hours simply enjoying a MMO with friends they met ingame... people who they never met in real life. We never quite never what to expect from the other factions simply because they were differnet... they had to be vanquished because they didn't think and "live" like our own faction... we couldn't even understand there language. This made RvR fun because it was easy to pretend the other Factions really were the bad guys. We had a riot, and I miss it. We had to depend on each other, and I miss that as well. We didn't have many quests to show us where to go, what to fight.... we just went exploring and found out ourselves what areas were worth spending time in, what places were fun, and what wasn't. I experienced much more a sense of Exploration in DAoC than I ever have in MMOs like LotRO or WoW where a NPC sends you to the next town.

    Most Players NOW that profess to be MMO Gamers are not cut from the same clothe as Players were back then. They are a different breed that appreciates different features in a MMO than I do. Most Players now want a MMO where almost everyone can solo well, where almost any race is the same as any other except for graphics, where quests lead you from one place to the next, to the next, to the next. Players now want to play all the races, all the classes, and then brag about it on Facebook or on twitter. I cared nothing about bragging... I played in RvR to hold the Keep, or to take it... for the sheer satisfaction of a job well done and done well with other Players I needed and that needed me. Players themselves now overall are different because MMOs like WoW sought to attract them instead of attracting Players like me, because to be honest there a lot more Players that like WoW than Players that like DAoC. The Players now are not people like me, nor are they similar to most of the Players that originally played DAoC. They simply want a different kind of game.

    Summary: Even if DAoC2 was made I would not play it, because what made DAoC special was the Players attracted to it and the Developers that made DAoC for different reasons than most Developers make MMOs now.... a paycheck instead of a passion.

    MMOs, as I first loved them and experienced them, are extinct. This new breed of critter they call MMOs now I do not recognize, and it's not about graphics, or about sandbox versus themepark, it's about the Players and Developers/Publishers themselves. This is what has changed from where I stand.

    I do not fault Blizzard for being financially successful, nor for reaching out and encouraging a whole new kind of Gamer to join the MMO ranks. I fault all the other MMo Development companies for locking step and marching right behind them and in the process forgetting Gamers like myself that loved DAoC for all it's problems and uniqueness while attempting to attract Gaming customers that Blizzard had already claimed as their own. All in the pursuit of the almighty buck.

    I am the Player that wonders... "What the %#*& just happened?!"
    "I Believe... There should be NO financial connection or portals between the Real World and the Virtual in MMOs. "
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  • LethanderLethander Member Posts: 54

    Actually if they just updated the graphics of the current game and re-released it promoting the "New up to date graphics" I thinnk they'd get a lot of customers back and bring in a ton more. I am new to DAoC myself but did a review of my thoughts here.


  • Honeymoon69Honeymoon69 Member Posts: 647

    add me too

  • tronjheimtronjheim Member Posts: 28

    For a game to be DAoC's successor, it would need the important things that made the game.  Those being, hard interrupts, class diversity (screw opposite factions having every class be mirrors), 3 factions (I think any more is too many, and only 2 makes for pop unbalances), and long duration single/AoE CC. ( many people complain about it, but long CC helps to balance numbers in fights imo)  Also the makers would need to come up with a rps system that promotes co-operation( Getting told by a realmmate that you stole his kill when he was losing is stupid, also having a realmate stop fighting the enemy so you die is ****ing retarded) Also they need to make winning the war, ie capturing the relics for DAoC, much more rewarding than wining battles, ie capturing BO in WAR.  Last, and probably most important, DON"T make it so you can swap factions/realms on a single server, once you choose your stuck unless you want to start over.

    Now with devs being controlled by publishers and investors all wanting WOW numbers, most of DAoC's key features(those being long AoE CC and hard interrputs) probably won't be seen for many years if ever in the MMORPG scene.

  • callockcallock Member Posts: 1

    100% yes, count in me and my entire guild.  I recently quit War and so many people that never played daoc were so interested im sure a daoc2 would get way more customers then the first one. 

    The RvR content including instant realm abilities and crowd control made the pvp.  Ive been hardcore gaming for 10+ years and daoc had the best PvP of any game out there.

  • tachgbtachgb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    It amazes me Mythic went ahead with WAR and not a DAOC 2, DAOC had given Mythic its profit over the years, why branch off?

    Give its players what it wants, DAOC has great lore, a great setting, brilliant RVR and classes, we didn't need WAR, we needed DAOC2.

  • BowbowDAoCBowbowDAoC Member UncommonPosts: 472

    100 % yes.

    As long as :

    - they dont change toward a wowlike game, but keep it as it was the way it was played.

    - The way you moved ( yes, i loved it :D ), is kept the same. that alone made it more strategic then a hack n slash mmo like wow or war.

    - skill chains are kept

    -stealthers are kept also it brought good and bad things, but its a MUST in any strategic mmo, imho. i of course hated to be backstabbed to deth by a nightshade or other assassin classes, but it added to the ambiance of the game

    - 3 realms are kept, with no "good" or "evil" notions, that alone help separates kids from adults.

    - fully customisable characters are kept. Not only the look, but the stats, skills, etc. No "one-size-fits-all" toon with same stats everywhere.

    and a few other things, but you can read my post there too.

    post #164

    While you re there, read the whole thread, very interesting !


    Bowbow (kob hunter) Infecto (kob cave shammy) and Thurka (troll warrior) on Merlin/Midgard DAoC
    Thurka on WAR


  • Nekrosis1Nekrosis1 Member Posts: 25

    if they made it exactly how it was right after the launch of "New Frontiers" I would DEFINITELY play again.

  • jybgessjybgess Member Posts: 355

    Yes I would buy the game and play it.

  • mognomogno Member Posts: 4

    Gardavil2 (I hope I didn't remind it incorrectly) said the truth and did the most accurate post I've read here so long.

    The players have changed - the players nowadays would even ruin DAoC if it was released now and not so many years ago.

    A MMORPG lives and dies with its players. A World of Warcraft would have been instantly killed being played only by PvP - focused (better: DAoC-liking)  people. But it lives with its solo- and equip-loving characters. I really don't want to offend those who like their shiny weapons (I enjoyed my burning falcata in DAoC as well!) and one-and-a-half-man-high shoulder-pads. It's their way to enjoy a success.

    But talking and fighting with people on a battlefield like the realm-gates is something only PvP-players can enjoy. It's the shouts "Yeah! We gave them!" or "Did you see my mezz breaking their lines up?" while walking on the dead bodies of around 50 enemy-faction-characters. But also their players died a while ago - as did DAoC. Heard a man (he's now around 55) crying after DAoC while raiding the Bastion in Warhammer Online. Also heard younger players calling WoW "the first MMO".

    It's in the virtual world like in real life. A change of generations and some things are just lost. Try to explain to a thirteen year old boy who Frank Sinatra was. A fourteen year old German wouldn't even recognize the name of Schiller by stumbling over it. Things come and go - so do generations, playstyles and likings! 

    A Dark Age of Camelot 2 would definitely get my hard-earned money. But I'm pretty sure as well that it will get overrun shortly after release by flaming, crying and unsocialized people that aren't familiar with such kind of a game. A registration on this and that forum/community and more people will get distracted (by the playing folk or by their criticism). Empty servers don't do good and finally even those who really love the "DAoC-spirit" would have to unsubscribe. Born, but born dead!


    My hope is my last man standing. Please let me be wrong. image

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  • PalanorPalanor Member UncommonPosts: 46

    Yes I would definately give DAoC 2 a try. I started playing DAoC quite early and stopped around the time WoW came out (like many others) and I enjoyed every moment of it. I'd settle with a re-launch and an modernized UI with an upgraded engine for the current DAoC though :).

    Nerf rock, paper is fine -Scissor

  • locherbreadlocherbread Member Posts: 15

    I too and many of my RL friends would play DaoC 2 if it ever got released - Still the best MMO I had the pleasure of playing :)

  • TrausenTrausen Member Posts: 8

    Only if EA let's Mythic have full control over the creation of it.

    Mythic knows what they're fucking doing.

  • KiyonoriKiyonori Member UncommonPosts: 70

    A definite yes if EA didn't own mythic. Daoc was my first mmo though so I would probably suck it up and deal with it if it was actually made.

  • tegweientegweien Member UncommonPosts: 18

    Yes Yes and did I say yes. DAOC, at times, made my head hurt, my cheeks hurt (from laughing) and my eyes red me from lack of sleep. I'd play a version 2 if kept in its original gameplay and setting, it needed tweaking but what doesn't these days. I yearn for days when I'd jump off a horse where and when i wanted not having to travel ALL the way to someplace if I chose not to. To just wander at times annoying things hither and yon, so yes for me it's be a pleasure to enjoy it once again.

      Flame it, burn it, I don't care it's what I like that matters to me.

  • PhelcherPhelcher Member CommonPosts: 1,053

    It's amazing how little game developers actually know their subscriber base...


    Warhammer is an utter failure. DAOC was remarkable... the realm vs realm vs realm was incredible..


    "No they are not charity. That is where the whales come in. (I play for free. Whales pays.) Devs get a business. That is how it works."


  • itchmonitchmon Member UncommonPosts: 1,965

    i think that it would have a chance to be great, so long as they keep the doofs who did warhammer away from it.


    basically just a very, very overhauled DAOC would be just peachy (kind of like what ff did with 11 and 14, though people are lax to admit it, even though it's exactly what they shd have done :D )


    edit: while i'm dreaming about games that EA helped ruin, how about E&B 2? :)

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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 16,790

    Nope,i never liked EA outside of making sports games.I was not impressed with DAOC1 at all,so i would probably have very little interest if any at all.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • cirdanecirdane Member UncommonPosts: 51

    whoa whoa whoa people, I think we have some early onset oldtimers here, Folks have forgotten allot of what really happen with this game.

    DAOC was a very good game in many ways, but Mythic ran it into the ground with level 274 epic mismanagement.

    examples :


    1) when DAOC launched it had an excellent system where the best gear was crafted and gear had very little impact on over all pvp. SO Mythic launches toa and poof makes the game gear dependant on massive raids.


    2) buffing classes were not fixed once buff botting became a necessary part of PVP. Mythic choose gouging via 2 accounts required rather than worry about making the game fun for single account players


    3) Over powered expansion classes and unfinished expansion classes running rampant until nerfed. K raise your hand how many folks got unloaded on by a warlock or tea bagged by a vampire with 96% health left? hey how was playing that Valk for the first two years?


    4) A nerf bat the size of  a battle ship, any one have an archer for the see hidden nerf? hey all you thanes from the first three years of the game raise that hand. Left axe HO!


    5) Togas in space - how long did they cash cow DAOC while they tried to launch that dam roman space toga MMO (with no rvr) stealing resources from daoc to do it.


    and I could probably name 574,785 more bone headed moves they pulled off


    Mythic was like this  teenager who had been handed the keys to a classic fully restored corvette and when he gets in it to drive it  he promptly smashes into the mail box , and runs over the dog before plowing squarly into the grill of the wow bus and wonders what happen.


    mythic was fully into exploiting it's players rather than respecting them and didn't even try to change untill the kids in the wow bus ran them over and took their luch money. Many players were so at the end of their ropes with mythics treatment that  Mythic pretty much handed wow 70% of their player base.


    would I play a real DAOC 2  for sure but not if mythic ran it.

  • Rockgod99Rockgod99 Member Posts: 4,640

    At first DAoC 2 sounded like a good idea but now that they released WAR i think they should just fix that game.

    Add a third faction, add better pve and real mmorpg crafting and we wouldnt be bitching for DAoC 2.


    Playing: Rift, LotRO
    Waiting on: GW2, BP

  • tmann50tmann50 Member UncommonPosts: 70

    Hell yes! I loved that game! It was the best MMO I have ever played and I've played them all

  • ShinjuoShinjuo Member Posts: 8

    Yes I would play DAOC.  However, as other people have mentioned - mythic created a great game in DAOC, but they failed to maintain the game in how the player base would have prefered.  The biggest turn off for me, was buff bots in pvp.   The general idea of R V R V R was brilliant, and based on that alone I would try daoc2 without question - but DAOC post TOA combined with the failure of WAR... I would have low expectations going in and be willing to pull the plug on my subscription with the slightest hint of mythics old antics coming back or EA trying to copy WOW again.


  • Garvon3Garvon3 Member CommonPosts: 2,898

    I would only come back if they made it like the game was back before the second expansion. 


    They had a perfect balance between RvR, crafting, adventuring, and raiding. 


    If they made all the leveling quest based like WoW and destroyed the immersion, I would be angry. If they kept the bogus new archery system I would not play. If they focused on solo leveling rather than group playing, I would be angry. If they made raiding MANDATORY before entering RvR, I would not play. 


    Raids in DAoC were fun. You could bring 100 people and just kill the dragon with your alliance. It didn't drop anything game changing. It dropped some masterpiece stuff, which just means you didn't have to pay a crafter to make you a masterpiece item. The main game was about the RvR! Quests and raids were for recreation. 


    Make DAoC 2 like DAoC was before Trials of Atlantis. Axe the stupid quest NPCs with ! over their head, axe as much instancing as you can, axe /level 20, keep the battlegrounds, keep the housing. I'll play in a second. 

  • tu_uilwentu_uilwen Member Posts: 794

    I would love to see a DAoC 2 . I unfortunately never got far into the first one but the part that I saw was awesome. I may go back to the first one for alittle bit for fun, but we will see.

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  • bunnyhopperbunnyhopper Member CommonPosts: 2,751

    If it really was an updated version of the original with a similar community then hell yes I'd play it. But if they made it like WAR, or the community was more casual, whiney, and carebearish (which is more then likely nowadays) then I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft barge pole.

    "Come and have a look at what you could have won."

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