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Guild Wars instance profession

AzzatakyAzzataky Member UncommonPosts: 208

Hello everyone, I just started to play again GW because of coming GW 2 and I have only ritualist for PvE and I'd like to try Paragon or Mesmer so I need your help for deciding who.

So who from those two (para or mes :P) is better for instances (dungeons) like Deep, Urgoz, UW or others? And I mean not only solo but mostly group things. Thx for answers.

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  • CohasCohas Member UncommonPosts: 152

    Try a Mesmer

    Have No Fear Cohas is here!!!

  • Dev_NightsDev_Nights Member Posts: 67

    I'd go with mesmer aswell. That way you are much more versitile and you don't have to play imbagon if you want to do slaver's or something else hardcore.

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