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Looking for a good RPG for a few years now

For the past few years i have been looking for a good mmorpg game and i decided to join one of these sites finally to get plugged back in to a part of the rpg world. Has anyone found a good game that features customizable weapons, decent quest list, customizable avatars with different speices for variation, and free?? I'm good with sci-fi but more so with fantasy like dragons and things, if you have one please, PLEASE post it.


  • RawAttitudeRawAttitude Member Posts: 36

    Try the LFGame section.

    Edit: Perfect World may be something for you.

  • LifeAddictLifeAddict Member Posts: 52

    Okay, suggestion, every time you say i'm looking for a free RPG someone most are gonna say Perfect World, Runescape, and Maplestory. DO NOT PLAY THOSE GAMES. They're horrible and will aggrivate you to the core and get boring after the first day. just like every other free mmo. (or at least most.) If I were you man I would try Guild Wars( they are coming out with Guild Wars 2) or LOTRO (Lord of the rings online) That is a great game and it use to have a 14.99$ subscription fee but now they are making it free. It should have everything your looking for. Happy gaming, hope this helped (=

  • treyu86treyu86 Member UncommonPosts: 263

    Everquest 2 might be what you are looking for. They released a free version (Everquest 2 Extended, this week. Tons of races, classes, tons of quests, inmersive world, tons of dungeons, quests and raids, PvP servers if you want PvP, and a very deep crafting.

  • SgtFrogSgtFrog Member Posts: 5,001

    Lord of the Rings online in september when it goes F2P/P2P hybrid model.

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  • SpectixSpectix Member Posts: 6

    LOTRO FREE TO PLAY - 10th of september 2010!

  • PhoenixRisngPhoenixRisng Member Posts: 11

    I agree, LOTRO is pretty good - I tried the demo of it a while back, and I was pretty engrossed.  I'd pay to play, but I have so little time to invest in an MMO.  And the reason for that is I'm the AP for a new MMORPG called Zentia.  I know I'm biased, but this game is really quite good.  It has TONS of quests (seriously), TONS of creatures you can capture as pets and mounts, a great casual/humorous/comic book feel to it (think Warner Bros. cartoon crossed with Tim Burton), and TONS of features.  You did ask for avatar customization, and I'll admit that is one area that's lacking - you choose from 22+ initial preset characters and 8 classes.  You can get costumes on top of your gear, and you can modify your gear, so there is some customization.  It's also not your traditional fantasy setting with goblins, orcs, elves, etc. - it has a Chinese foundation - but it does have a 10 person Dragon mount! 

    Anyway, it's a fun game, and it's free - check it out.

    Ok, :)

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  • easternstormeasternstorm Member Posts: 76

    LOTRO but toons arent very customizable and it will be FTP in sept like was mentioned previously.


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