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Looking for 2d or 2d isometric games! any suggestions ???

evilvendelevilvendel Member Posts: 1
yeah suggetions pls


  • AvisonAvison Member Posts: 350
    I currently like graal 2001. It is kinda based on Zelda and is quite interesting. Check it out at .

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  • lilreap2k3lilreap2k3 Member UncommonPosts: 353

    I don't really know if these are what kinda games you are looking for but I guess you could check them out.  Nexus TK is the greatest game I have ever played bar none.  The only problem is the game company is pathetic.  They don't care about the game anymore, leaving bugs and such around forever.  The community is tight but full of scammers, whiners, etc.  I've been playing Nexus for a total of about 4 years I think, and the game was the first mmorpg ever created.  I may be bias but I think this game is 100x better than any of the newer games.  Who cares if the graphics are nice if the game is crap?  There are about 800 people on at peak hours.  One thing is cool about such a low number of players is you know pretty much everyone because it is always the same 800 people.  Also if you do decide to give it a try, don't just rate it from the 10 day trial.  You have to pay for at least a month to get the full feel of the game.  There is alot more to the game than the trial offers.  There is also a fansite for the game that is updated hourly.  They are 6 years of dedicated players helping out the community.  The site is .

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  • SnikesSnikes Member UncommonPosts: 76
    why not trying Ultima Online ? It is quite an old game now but it is 2D iso AND a mmorpg.
  • IdiotuserIdiotuser Member Posts: 15

    Ashen empires is also good


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  • spo0kyspo0ky Member Posts: 19

     Wrong answer! nexus is AWFUL! darkages is good fun. the community there hasn't gone to shit yet... but it's getting there because, yea, you're right... nexon are a buncha fuck ups. BUT regarless of that... the game itself is crap. the community sucks, the people suck, the gameplay sucks... if you're not an incredibly buff character FROM CREATION, you're shit to everyone else. and if ever you want to get ANYWHERE, you have to be leeched. it's sad and pathetic and for small children that can't handle real life.

    don't spend the money on 1 month worth of playing...

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    not 2d. but still. and free.

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