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3D = Very Impressive?<<<>>>> Future Of Zombies!!

TybostTybost Member UncommonPosts: 629

If any of you have played Dead-Frontier within the past few months, the administrator/creator of the online survival post-apocalyptic horror MMORPG game, announced that Dead-Frontier is going 3D. Using Unity3D, a full featured modern 3D graphics engine that supports browser deployment (ie play it in the web page like Flash). The 2D flash version of the game will be shut down, (when the bugs in the currently in development Unity3D version of the game are all fixed.)


The first 3D demo was released in feb. for GMs (Gold Members) (P2P People) ($7.95 a month) a month later the first 3D demo was released to the F2P people which was everyone. Honestly I was impressed then, though it didn't keep my blood boiling and wanting more, and make me want to go back to the game and start playing. I'n the demo you got to roam around the place, the detail was good IMO. No Zombies, No Action, Only Singleplayer - Nothing except roaming around.

Until the second 3D/Version release (which was on June 2nd) with some bugs at the start,so more around (June 4th) for GMs, was the next release. Zombies + Action + Awesomeness = XD  - I must say I am very impressed, The detail has improved loads from the first 3D Demo, the zombies are well created and move like.....Zombies! O.O - though I cant exactly say with expirirence because I'm not a gold member so I'm not in the testing phase, until next month in july when its released to everyone. If youv watched the videos you will see yourself why its so impressive and its just the start too!

I played the game when it first came out, and returning a year later, theres been loads of new features, and updates to the game. The 2D Version is impressive in my eyes, and I'm just returning back today infact, Over 1,700+ Users online at peak. With this 3D version being implemented, Id expect it to become much more popular, There simply is NO other games like it. I'n the years of browser gaming iv been into, the only other browser game that comes to mind is the popular massive online game known as "Runescape" . I think its about time a fresh browser game is being created, there is no other zombie browser game like Dead-Frontier. and if there is I have not heard of it. If your looking for a game that will scare the hella out of you 3D Version of Dead-Frontier will do just that and make your heart race as your being chased by loads of zombies, with your friends online.



If you want to know the features that are in development for the 3D version of Deadfrontier you can find it on the deadfrontier website at the following link.

Head To They're Main forums at


If you want to keep up to date, and whats going on with the 3Dunity Version of the game, the administrator has created a blog for those who want to know whats up at the following link.

If you want to see GAMEPLAY of the 3D version which is currently for paying GM members only until Jully: Click the following link below which will lead you to a random gameplay youtube video:


Low Quality Picture: View/Dead Frontier BELOW


  • TybostTybost Member UncommonPosts: 629

    >Dead Frontier Administrator/CEO Post<

    The game will play roughly the same as it does now (mouse controlled aiming, WASD movement and a roughly overhead camera view) but with a few key differences.

    • The game will run much faster. Unlike Flash, Unity3D can take advantage of your PC's graphics hardware so everything should be a lot faster and much more smooth. Just as with the AS2 to AS3 conversion we'll be looking to handle 30+ zombies per screen. We're confident that 99% of the PCs currently playing Dead Frontier will be more than powerful enough to handle this.


    • Multiplayer will be in near perfect sync and much faster overall. You'll be able to fight bosses together.


    • The game will become more of an MMORPG. We'll be doing away with the  existing multiplayer lobby system. Instead you'll be able to randomly meet people in the game world just as you would in any other MMORPGs such World of Warcraft or Runescape. 


    • The Outpost portion of the game will remain exactly the same. Trading, Inventory, Banking etc will all work the same.


    • All characters, items and equipment will be preserved! The new 3D version will be using the exact same database as the current version so nothing will be lost during the transition.


    • Your 3D in-game avatar will look just like your Outpost avatar.


    • Areas will be much larger and more open plan. Right now each 'screen' is only a single street, in the new version you will be able to travel 3-5 blocks before encountering a loading screen. Inside building you'll see the entire floor rather than just single room at a time. You'll be able to explore not just the building itself but also the areas around them such as parks, car parks, gardens etc.


    • There will be whole new set of monsters with a wide range of special attacks. This new cast ofcreatures will create a new need for strategic planning and teamwork in battles. There will be 4 bosses and 7 special creatures on top of about 30 different variations of zombie. Here are some early concept sketches for the new creatures:

  • TybostTybost Member UncommonPosts: 629

    Oh and here's a screen-shot from the current early version of the game,  ill add more screen shots in the future XD!



  • TybostTybost Member UncommonPosts: 629

    Iv added all I could, post a reply about what you think of the video you can try the 2D version of the game and it will give you a feel of what will be in the 3D version of deadfrontier.

    Move WASD/arrow keys - F button to search....mouse to fire = awesome XD

    In July the 3D Game will be released to everyone with a better HUD and multiplayer which currently for GM's (early access) multiplayer/co-op did not make it in yet. Also outpost attacks will work, and boss zombies will be put in as well.


    Exciting XD!


  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    So is the game in beta or is it released?

  • Cerebus59Cerebus59 Member Posts: 28

    I just started playing this, became horrifically addicted, and signed up as a Gold Member. The 3D is amazing for a browser based MMO/Shooter game. Looking forward to when it fully integrates into the main system, and things open up as a full MMO as opposed to its current lobby system.

    Considering this is all done by only 3 or 4 people makes me look forward to its future.


    Worth checking out.

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