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impersonating mmorpg admin ?

bhugbhug Member UncommonPosts: 944

X-SpamDetect-Info: ------------- Start ASpam results ---------------
X-SpamDetect-Info: This message may be spam. This message BODY has been altered to show you the spam information
X-SpamDetect: *******: 7.300000 NakedCR=0.8, From isn't in return path=1.1, DodgySource=2.0, SPF Default Fail=2.5, X-Verify-SMTP present=0.9
X-SpamDetect-Info: ------------- End ASpam results -----------------

Dear Customer,

This e-mail was send by to notify you that we have temporanly prevented access to your account.

We have reasons to beleive that your account may have been accessed by someone else. Please run attached file and Follow instructions.


with an attached 8.8KB instruction zip file



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