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Searching for EU people to START playing on Russian L2 servers

arunasmearunasme Member UncommonPosts: 129

Hi there,


So as the tittle states, I am looking for Europians to play with me on OFFICIAL Russian L2 servers.

It FREE, botting there is absolutely impossible and if you manage somehow to get something working, patches are weekly and its bye bye, also GM's are very active and they will ban you.

I'd play alone but i dont undestand russian writings so partying,grouping, communicating is impossible.

So im looking for someone who already knows the games mechanics well, because the game will be in russian so you have to already know your way arround.


Looking for people for constant playing, that is:

We will quest,grind,pvp, TOGETHER, we will set the day,time in advance and slowly work our way up.

You dont have to be a nolifer, just know the game.

The game runs fine i Have already tested it they dont block IP's you'll just have to change something on your pc ( change the locale over @ regional options to RUssian)

(NOTE: The only problem there is that i think it doesnt work with WIN 7, erm the gameguard errors..)

There are i think 10-12 servers atm. All reach high priority during peek hours.

If anyone is interested please, leave a message here or skype me ; bagsbany.

I have not started playing we will both start from level 1 decide on the possible classes, combinations to make it better for all of us.

The ideal number would be from ATLEAST 3 to a full party ( thats 9) or more if possible ( a CLan maybe? yay ! )


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