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You have to be kidding me...

DreakonDreakon Member Posts: 133

I come to these forums to see if theres anyone playing this cause I am looking for people to play with since its so lonesome when your playing alone like this. I have had a very nice time on Knight Online. For a completely free game the graphics are damn good. I would like you to find a better graphic game that promises to be free forever. The content is definately lacking, I admit, but I chalk that up to it being free. It can't have everything and not be bringing in any money, right?

I can't believe people actually have the gall to complain on a forum (where their opinions have no effect on the actual development of the game) about a game thats completely free. Seriously, all you jackasses saying the game should be gotten rid of please post links to games that are completely free (forever!) and are better. Thanks.

Anyone playing Knight Online, please post the server your on and your characters name, I'd like to make some friends I can play with. ;)


  • majeaglemajeagle Member Posts: 5

    is knight online or a cd rom u have to buy? becuase i play an online game called runescape about 100k people play

    good thing is its totaly free

    unless u want to be amember for 5 bucks a month its greatimage



  • DreakonDreakon Member Posts: 133 (You can download the game free and make a free account here)

    I definately consider it better then Runescape. I can see why you would like Runescape better in some ways though, it seems to have more depth.

  • VocooVocoo Member Posts: 31

    Briandor (cleric) on Diez server :D

    And yeah free online games... I mean we should be glad that someone is bothering to keep it running for us all :D

    I only started playing like a week ago and that was cos of a mate sending me the link. Its been pretty good fun exploring... oh but I just got to level 30 and cant find the 5 scouts I gotta kill for the recon mission. If anyone can help me, reply to this or something :)

    It seems no one in game pays attention when I type "can anyone help me ...."

    Which is always nice lol

    Take care all :D

    Everybody theres a new king in town! Get ready! Mojo mojo mojo king bee!!!!

  • DreakonDreakon Member Posts: 133

    Yeah people in games are jerks, its the same with P2P MMORPG's too. People used to never answer my questions in Everquest...

    Try asking on the forums, they're usually more responsive there. ;)

  • ElrohirElrohir Member Posts: 1

    Best f2p mmorpg I've played image


    Nick : Nobulaz

    Server : Diez1

  • VenQWishVenQWish Member Posts: 51

    It's F2P but the lag is unbearable... I stopped with my lvl 31 cleric

  • dragamordragamor Member Posts: 4

    From what I read there is a bug that developed after the last patch.  the NPC's with with the maps no longer appear in the human world.  Only in the Orc world does the quest still work.image



  • Invincible37Invincible37 Member Posts: 172
    i have to say..i started playing this game a few days ago, 26 warrior on xig,and,like its been said already,its one of the best damn mmo's ive played for free.the fact that u do nothing but grind untill u get high enough for pvp is kinda crap,but then,most free games dont even have pvp lol.the fact that the graphics arent state of the art is good considering how many ppl play in the pvp events.if u had a game like EQ or WoW trying to do a battle with that many ppl,everyone would lag crash
  • chrisgroulx1chrisgroulx1 Member Posts: 1

    When I played this last year it was really fun, if my friends played still I would too but they all moved to WoW. I used to love killing goblins (i think thats what they were) for their armor, and getting tons of money selling it the night after. I made so much money doing that. Anyways maybe I will join up again if I don't get WoW soon. Good luck to you guys.

  • TosscobbleTosscobble Member Posts: 4

    ::::03::::::04::::::06:: I have had several problems with Knight online.... It likes to kick me out and then I can't log on for days.... can anyone help me??

  • Smitty123Smitty123 Member Posts: 12
    It could be the world ur on.And if it says ur disconnected from server then just click a diff world i do that and the game works for me. image
  • ANTIRIADANTIRIAD Member Posts: 8

    All the bugs are sorted out.. the game is running relatively smoothly .. the wars are great fun
    the game is improving every single day... ks'ing has been reduced.. the game masters are ever so helpful and well.. if there was ever a good time to sample this game.. now is it.

    im antiriad (lvl6x ice mage) in the rogue crackaz if u fancy a chat with me.

  • ale_jrbale_jrb Member Posts: 30

    Yup. They recently fixed the recon quest for the humans. Or at least they said they did...

    "Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate"

    Looking forward to: Aion
    Played: WoW, Guild Wars

  • zeldar21zeldar21 Member Posts: 29

    I'm lvl 18 hunter on xig  name is zeldar     i think this is the best free mmo ive played.  i love it and have played like 11 hours in the last day. haha.


  • MythicRainMythicRain Member Posts: 14

    Neo_Archangel (el morad female, magician)

    i mainly play on diez 1 and 2

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