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looking at starting, have some questions



  • ZenNatureZenNature Member CommonPosts: 354


    A lot of good information here. I'm thinking of coming back now too. A couple months ago I was deciding between EQ2 or L2 and went with the former, but now that it is going F2P, I can spend the $15/month on something else and still play EQ2 casually for free. I was thinking of going back to UO, but the whole 'call to arms' event being announced but not being implemented has me a little wary of paying EA anything.


    I loved everything about L2 from what I played of the trial, including the grind instead of being an errand boy for NPCs everywhere. There's obviously some quests now in L2, but they seem to flow well with the places to grind and just be a sort of extra bonus to it. I come from MMOs like UO where you never had quests originally. The adventure was what you made of it or whatever creature you decided to hunt that session.


    I was working on a Healer/Bishop and some Kamael class, but I don't remember what server I was on. If it wasn't on Phoenix, I might start over again there since the posts about that server seem to reflect a better experience. I didn't get very far anyway, I think around 20-25 with both characters, so maybe I'll catch you guys around in game.

  • Guardian707Guardian707 Member UncommonPosts: 17

    I'm having significant issues downloading the client.  It might just be my newly set up wifi network, but the download stopped several times during the course of the last few days.  I've restarted 3 times and finally got the torrent version totally downloaded only for it to be a corrupted file. 


    I might not be meant to play this game :(

    What I could really go for right now is for someone to come out with a steampunk based true MMORPG with twitch based action, split-game design for balanced PVE/PVP (changes based on target) in an original graphically-pleasing partially-player-atlering world. but thats me...

  • UbahNecroUbahNecro Member Posts: 185

    Download it from the new download source they have at the Official website.

    Don't be too disappointed, though. Game is about as good as that torrent you just finished.

  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,184

    Here is a download link and dont listen to the Uba L2 Failure. He already fell to something greater than him. LOL



  • UbahNecroUbahNecro Member Posts: 185

    Fileplanet is a terrible download source, that's why there is a new partner to host the link. I'm pretty sure fileplanet has failed him at least once.

    Use your brain. It's not hard to find:

  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,184

    Fileplanet has never failed me in downloading anythiing and if he gets disconnected using the Fileplanet downloader he should be able to resume.

  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,673

    Yeah always went with fileplanet myself, never had any problems, and a disconnect can get reconnected with the manager.

  • ZenNatureZenNature Member CommonPosts: 354

    Originally posted by Mannish

    Fileplanet has never failed me in downloading anythiing and if he gets disconnected using the Fileplanet downloader he should be able to resume.


    Although I would normally agree with you, and I use Fileplanet to download anything I possibly can because I love their downloader, the ONE time it failed me was with the Lineage 2 client lol Downloaded it twice from them and both times it was corrupt. I had to download it from the official links for some reason.

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