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Call it "Transformers" cause it's full of Autobots

frogifrogi Member Posts: 18

I gave it a serious chance.  I like the graphics, Glowy portals don't really work in an "historic" game, and I detest  (let me repeat) DETEST point and click movement.  But I was following the quest lines, learning the game mechanics, and everywhere I went to "kill x y's and report back to z" there were a pack of autobots.  players that would take off after the same brief delay and attack (in unison) each new spawn.


I remember when games would ban your account, or take your stuff away when you botted, now games include their own botting mechanics.  This is ridiculous.  Seriously, screw every game that is made for lazy people


  • KuatosuneKuatosune Member UncommonPosts: 219

    Love yer title. 8)


    Bots are like the online drug dealers.  Players need to quit feeding their habits for quick rewards in exchange for cash.  Then the bots would have no incentive for doing what they do.  Unfortunately the bot problem is like a drug problem and will never go away until the appetites are quashed.


  • trembulanttrembulant Member Posts: 101

    game was awesome when i came out, it was full of missing quest information and translation, you had to search everywhere wiki's ect to understand the quests, but for some reason it was just engrossing anyway, i loved the traveling and cities, taking trips to china ect, building up your boats and pirate ganking, it was just fun, but it wore out - i'd try it if you never played it and just to travel around and get all the discoveries and stuff, it's good fun to pass the time.

  • CaptAntillusCaptAntillus Member Posts: 58

      Truth is the auto system could be an excellent oportunity for Snail to turn VCO in a excelent hybrid of RPG/RTS game. If new features could be added, like a new improved trade system, and production of goods, variable demand of good in cities, the game could become excellent. Sadly, the only real concern of IGG/Snail is find ways to make you spend cash. They don´t really care about the game anymore, just try to find new ways to get your cash.


      High end game is, basically, spend your whole day grinding Sea Battle Jewelry to trade  for cash on Hurricane Island instance(most high level players solo this instance). Is always a lot of the same.


      When you get money enough, you go spend it all tryingo to lvl on the annoyng new islands, where you have to kill loads of mobs to raise your profession level.


      Since even  high level PvE demands a ton of RL cash, the game is gone. I keep playing because of friends and wars are fun, altough if you don´t spens at least U$ 500/month you´re basically cannon  fodder and nothing more.


      If you want a good historical/ nautical game, I don´t know what to do. Maybe PotBS, because VCO is just a lame excuse to get your cash.

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