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Looking for RTS

ArekaineArekaine Member Posts: 72

So I play Evony and am messing around with Dreamlords. Anyone have any other nice RTSs that are along those lines? I would really like to try a Sci Fi one with perhaps space ships, but I really like empire management and whatching my city(s) grow. Thanks

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  • mrcalhoumrcalhou Member UncommonPosts: 1,444

    Beyond Protocol

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  • ArekaineArekaine Member Posts: 72

    BP was pretty fun. Like how long combat lasted. Think I will give Glest a try, anyone else have any good RTSs?

    There is a Madness that has grown in the Light. And it is coming to burn you a cinder

  • SlyGamer79SlyGamer79 Member Posts: 278

    does anyone know if the Warhammer series is any good for RTS  and if so which one ?


  • GidSlackGidSlack Member Posts: 173

    Try War of Legends by Jagex (company behind Runescape).  More reputable than Evony.

    EA is also supposed to have a similar RTS based on the Ultima series, but I don't know anything about it.

  • gauge2k3gauge2k3 Member Posts: 442

    Company of heroes and warhammer dawn of war 2 are the gold standard of RTS's IMO.  They are willing to innovate in a sea of companies making the same crap with different colors and skins.

    However you mentioned empire building and city building.  These two branched off unfortunately.  City building is covered by a slew of games.  Sim city 4 is probably your least casual friendly city sim, cities XL is somewhere in between I would say, and sim city societies/city life are the casual friendly city sims.

    Now for Empire creation.  Civilization is the obvious choice.  numbers 1-3 range from more hardcore to moderate.  4 and the upcomming 5 are more casual.  They don't lose too much depth in the casual conversion (so far), but some hardcore is lost.  But what was gained in accessability and ease of use/understanding was worth the loss in depth I feel.

    Other not so obvious choices are the total war series. The empire building is moderately deep and the RTS aspect of it (massive unit battles) can not be matched I'm sure.

    Another choice (my favorite of them) is Europa Universalis.  Not only cheap but the deepest of any strategy game I've ever played.  Empire building doesn't get deeper than this game, or hasn't yet rather.  This game has lack luster graphics and no actual conventional RTS control.  It focuses more on decisions, politics, trade and the like.  This is the only game where personal friendships/alliances/unions with A.I. are actually upheld and weighed.  They will backstab you sometimes, but not without a really good reason.  If you do decide to play this, realize it has a steep and very long learning curve.  Don't judge it on the first few playthroughs.  Give it time, you will learn the game and eventually love the depth.


    These are my recommendations to you.  Nothing here I recommended will dissapoint you I'm sure, they are all great games.

  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member UncommonPosts: 2,155

    Originally posted by SlyGamer79

    does anyone know if the Warhammer series is any good for RTS  and if so which one ?

    I would think that Darkfall is better for RTS because it is not so faction-based RvR and has more meaning . ... if you consider RTS being about a siege that will occur over your assets in 22 hours or whatever. You can cut off enemy lines like a RTS too. The game basically has people living all over the map in various places that have built or conquored various cities/hamlets/villages and it takes a lot of time to travel far on the map. It is a huge open world without instances and FPS gameplay so that is where it becomes not so much a RTS strategy as much as a OMFGIbetterdothisrightthistimebecauseiwontgetasecondchanceRTS

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  • hcoelhohcoelho Member UncommonPosts: 529

    Are you serious ? Darkfall as a RTS game ?! 


    nice tread for RTS info.. i'm one here trying to start with a good RTS (i used to play Medieval 2 but never got deep into it). Now i'm trying to be good at RTS. Specially because i'll be playing SC 2 on Battle net...

    Is Dawn of War 2 a good game ? do people still play it online ?

  • gauge2k3gauge2k3 Member Posts: 442

    Originally posted by kuhronusu

    Is Dawn of War 2 a good game ? do people still play it online ?

    Yes and rarely.  Not because the game is bad, but because it is a "games for windows" title and uses windows live for online.  People do play it though just need to wait a few minutes for an online game.

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