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  • allsmilestouallsmilestou Member Posts: 47

    Originally posted by elocke


    Originally posted by Moirae

    Let me ask you something OP... why are you even playing MMO's? You're complaining about what makes an MMO an MMO. You want forced grouping, with people being forced to chat all the time in chats. Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

    As for guilds... every one of my characters are in different guilds and they chatter away so much that sometimes I turn off the guild chat just so I can play without the interruption.

    Sounds to me like you'd be better off playing by yourself.

    And btw... if you don't post this on the official forums, NOT MMORPG, you are only shooting yourself in the foot.


    You apparently didn't read my entire post.

      She rarely does. Anytime someone posts even a small bit of negativity towards Everquest, she attacks like a rabid dog, without any logic or foresight. Its truly amazing how this person is allowed to get away with her ranting on this site. She should be perm banned.

  • ZenNatureZenNature Member CommonPosts: 354

    Originally posted by Gorilla

    Originally posted by OBK1

    I agree with the OP, but with a tool like WoW:s Dungeon finder I would be back in EQ2 straight away. Best innovation ever!

    Funnily enough WoW probabbly needs it least but for games like LoTRO, AoC EQII it would be an absolute god send. (Both of those games it can be difficult getting groups for older group content too).


    I would love to see that implemented in EQ2 for the reason that it made finding groups for instances at any level extremely easy in WoW. You could easily level entirely off of dungeons one right after another now. That's partly because you were queued up with multiple servers of people though. I imagine EQ2 would have to do something similar to not have horrible wait times to get in a group, but it'd still be an improvement over the current options.

  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    I am rather bored in EQ2 myself too... I been max since a week or so after the expansion and things feel boring right now.

    But you should really level a char up to max instead of taking 2 to around 60, there are many good things after lvl 70.

    The endgame however gets boring after a while, I have all the AA and the only thing to do is grinding raids and group dungeons to get better gear.

    I have had a lot of fun in EQ2 and I really like the community but I havn't logged in for 3 weeks (to be fair has the weather been nice but still...). But I feel that the endgame really should include more things. I might start another alt and run it up to max once the weather gets worse or I might quit it.

    EQ2 is far from perfect but it is pretty fun. But I can understand OP, if something isn't funny it might be time for a break or to start something else instead.

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