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Looking to come back

MarsolMarsol Member Posts: 5

So, I played MMORPG's a fair bit back in the day but have been out of the loop for quite awhile (haven't touched one in about 5 years). I've decided to return and have been looking through the lists and websites. It seems like there are far more options now, but that it has become much harder to get a true "feel" for how they actually play and whether I would enjoy them so am hoping for a point in the right direction.

I like a game with an in-depth (and useful) crafting system - i.e. where one can actually have a hope of making a living as a primary merchant versus just a side activity. I'm primarily into PvE but like to PvP on occasion. I preferred dueling in UO back in the old days versus large-scale battles, but it seems like dueling isn't common anymore. Graphics aren't terribly important to me, but I do like having lots of areas to explore.  I'm definitely a "casual" player...I'm quite busy and will play a few times a week at best, not hours and hours every day. Given that, I like to solo and play in small groups, but I doubt I will ever have the time to do something like raiding. That said, I have no problems (and indeed, prefer) a game with slow leveling. I don't need to progress quickly, so by "casual" I don't mean a game where I can get to max level playing an hour a week...just one where its possible for me to play a couple hours at a time and get something done.


So any suggestions? Ones that have caught my eye are:

Vanguard, EQII, DAoC, Age of Conan, Warhammer, LOTRO and a handful of others, but I'm open to anything.


  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    Lotro is a fairly good option but something to look forward to is FF14.

  • eburneburn Member Posts: 740

    Final Fantasy XIV will be the newest big launch coming.

    DDO is free to try basically and sort of has an odd mix of 'shop' and actionrpg elements to it.

    Lord of the Rings Online is going free to play in the fall so might want to wait for that. EverQuest 2 as well, but LotRo has aged better.

    That's pretty much the fantasy genre's big hitters right now if you're not interested in World of Warcraft. It's major selling point at the moment is that the servers are full of people and they've made grouping and dungeon raiding easier with a new system worth reading up on.

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  • AIMonsterAIMonster Member UncommonPosts: 2,059

    Out of those choices I personally would take either Age of Conan or EQII, but you are probably better off waiting just a bit longer (later this year and next year) for some of the new MMOs which look really promising.  None of the games you listed have an in depth crafting system except for Vanguard which (in my opinion) fall short in the gameplay department and is very buggy.  AoC is very solo friendly and EQII is fairly solo friendly too (EQ in particular will depend on which class you pick).  Both DAoC and Vanguard are very dated and likely won't get much developer support.  Warhammer has fallen significantly in subscription numbers too.  LoTRO, EQII, and AoC all are maintaining pretty healthy numbers.  LotRO is certainly going to get a lot more players with it's switch to F2P, so that might be a good choice too.  I'd take a look at each game's feature list and see what you'd like.  All these games have free trials too, so be sure to grab them and test them out.  You can actually get a decent amount of free fun just from the trials alone.

  • MarsolMarsol Member Posts: 5

    Thanks for the input everyone!

    So sounds like EQII, AoC and LOTRO are getting the most votes. I admit I'm a big fan of Tolkien so perhaps that will be a good starting place. I'm not too concerned about the fees...indeed I'm somewhat worried about what that might mean for the quality (rather than quantity) of the playerbase? I've not had great experiences with such games in the past. I'll probably give LOTRO and AoC both a try and see if one hooks me and keep my eyes peeled for the final fantasy in the meantime.

    Thanks again, and if anyone else has thoughts or suggestions (specifically as the games relate to my play-style) please let me know.

  • AeroangelAeroangel Member UncommonPosts: 493

    I'd vote for giving vanguard a try it is at least worth signing up for the 14 day trial. The crafting there is the best I've ever seen in any MMO, I usually hate crafting, but I actually had fun doing it in Vanguard. There is a ton to explore and housing, ships, and flying mounts. You can focus soley on crafting if you wanted, and it comes with it's own quests, clothing, etc. You can craft many items that your character can use, and even craft your house and ship and the items for those such as furniture. 


    Edit: Oh and I love the community for Vanguard. They are so nice and helpful, I see people giving away items in the noobie zone all the time, and they always answer any questions I have. I have even had people come help me with quests several times when they weren't even on the quest I was. 


    I'm about to give EQ2 a shot since the announcement of it going F2P. I really love Vanguard, but might as well see what's going on over there I reckon. 

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  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    Of the games on your list is EQ2 the most crafting friendly even if Vanguard have an even better crafting system.

    It seems like FF XIV also will have a good crafting system (but since I am not in the beta this is just based on stuff I read about it so no way to be sure) and it you can wait a month that might be the way to go.

    While you wait, do some free trials of the other interesting games and see if anything catch your eye.

    http://launcher.station.sony.com/ This program is the easiest way if you want to try out EQ2 or Vanguard (download it, click on the game and follow the instructions). For the other interesting games, just go to their homepage and look for the free trial. Oh, and EQ2 will open free to play servers this autumn besides the P2P ones.

    It is really worth to do the trials here, MMOs are complicated matters and you need to try a game out for yourself to be sure that it will work for you.

    Good luck with it.

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