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DakirnDakirn Member UncommonPosts: 374

Yay, site update with the information about Waerians. Yum.


  • SandbaggerSandbagger Member Posts: 37

    Thanks for the heads up, I went and checked it out immediately!


  • SandbaggerSandbagger Member Posts: 37

    I've been looking over the Waerian race further and though I still like the Verdurens, there are some interesting elements in the Waerians as well.  First, they make great armor and use poisons to enhance their weapons.  I also like the fact that they can exist on land or in water, that could be handy.

    I also have to admit that playing an aloof race that thinks they are better than everyone else has it's appeal in role playing.  And, they look cool... exotic. 

    I'm also interested in seeing the next release of information on another race, hopefully that's coming soon.

  • BookkeeperBookkeeper Member Posts: 60

    The Waerians do sound interesting, but I'm hooked on the Jenemos.  I can't wait to start causing bad luck!  It sounds like so much fun to have the sh*t hit the fan when I'm arround, and the whole 'homely' looking aspect fo that race is something else I like.  I don't always want to play some handsome 'elf' kind of character in a game, and the Jenemos seem to be a bit twisted (just like me).

  • SandbaggerSandbagger Member Posts: 37

    To each their own... for me part of the fantasy is playing some race that looks better than I do in real life!   (Not claiming I'm a toad, mind you).  I like the looks of the Verduren, something about the leaves in the hair I guess.  I know, kind of shallow, I should be looking at what they do for me, but I tend to pick the race that I think looks the best.  You can tell I like the Verduren, I stole my avatar picture from the CoS web site image

  • RenataRenata Member Posts: 9

    I love making characters that are different.  I love the look of the Waerians.  I wonder if they will have all shell armor or if they will be able to wear armor other races have.

  • BookkeeperBookkeeper Member Posts: 60

    I think regular armor would sink them to the bottom, imagine plate armor on a swiming creature!   Has anyone seen any posts about this?  Most games I've seen ignore the weight of armor, I wonder if CoS is going to do that as well, or something different (hopefully).

  • RenataRenata Member Posts: 9

    Funny, I wasn't even thinking about weight, but about looks.

  • TanqueTanque Member UncommonPosts: 46

    I think i'll just stick to being a Human,not a big fan of water(except for drinking purposes),I wouldn't like being a tree even tough the overall race is cool(I like the night tough,you freaky Verdurens),Gargoyles are overall unnapealingand even tough I like the idea of a race with a good sense of humor,a race that has overall bad luck and is apparently very short is also not appealing.

    Tyven left,can't realy see me choosing to be a fox.

    Humans are good,can't go wrong with being one.

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