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DC Universe is going to be Bigger then WoW?



  • gadunkgadunk Member UncommonPosts: 164

    No MMO has ever killed another mmo to date. Wow wasn't an EQ killer, it's still going. Do people switch from one to another? Sure, all the time, but there has yet to be a game release that has killed off another mmo. The ONLY thing that will "kill" wow, is if/when blizzard decides to do another MMO and kill it themselves.. Until that day comes, there WILL be people, a lot of them, playing wow.

  • WarsongWarsong Member Posts: 563

    Originally posted by severius

    Originally posted by Warsong

    Originally posted by Vortigon

    lol bigger than wow! heh

    What planet are these people on? this game looks utter crap, totally dissapointing gameplay vids.

    I was interested in this but now I won't go near this crapfest.

    I'm not really debating what will be a bigger game, but actually WoW "in beta" looked like utter crap as well. I will also add that DC Universe looks just as easy to play as WoW is easy to play.

    Both have big IP's and on that note I would def give the edge to DC hands down...would all come down to execution and the amount of people who prefer MMOing in a comicbook universe vs a cartoon universe.

    Anything that SOE touches is doomed to mediocrity or worse.  Just look at SWG for a perfect example.

    As much as I would like and want to agree with this, reality is still grounded in the past is done and the future is unwritten. The mistakes SOE has made to this point can turn into an advatage if they are able to finally use it and improve on it.....

  • CoirCoir Member Posts: 97

    Originally posted by JestorRodo

    From :

    (RTTNews) -  While Activision Blizzard, Inc.'s (ATVI) World of Warcraft has long been the top dog in the world of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), boasting 11.5 million subscribers, the fantasy world of Azeroth could finally face some serious competition from Sony Online Entertainment's DC Universe Online.

    Benefiting from the built-in fan base of DC comics as well as the recent resurgence of the popularity of super heroes, DC Universe Online could also attract subscribers with an interesting combination of action and role-playing elements as demonstrated at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.  ENDQUOTE


     I doubt that highly

     What I doubt is WoW has 11+ million subscribers. It has that many subscriptions but not that many players. And the chinese part of the equation took a dive last year and never recovered. It'd be nice for the new numbers to be released but we won't ever see that. Far too easy to sit back and rest on the apex of your history then tell the truth that you game is in actual fact in decline...


    So when do we see a new sub tally or a subs closed from Blizzard soon...waiting waiting for the co report.

  • MegatemplarMegatemplar Member Posts: 3

    I hope the game does well but its never gonna get 11.5 million subscriptions.


  • g0dl355g0dl355 Member UncommonPosts: 357

    Superman > Varian.

    Joker > Thrall.

    Batman > Rhonin

    WonderWoman > Jaina.

  • Grand_NagusGrand_Nagus Member UncommonPosts: 335

    Get real. The fantasy genre is much bigger than the superhero genre, so that alone will prevent DCUO from ever reaching the same level as WoW. That said, I could care less. As long as *I* enjoy the game, I dont care how it compares to WoW.

  • TofkeTofke Member UncommonPosts: 342

    Sony...... says enoughimage

  • RzepRzep Member UncommonPosts: 767

    I doubt it. I may be wrong but only special issues or mini series of the well established comics actually sell more or close to a million copies. Compare that to the sales of the Warcraft franchise.

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