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Just need a little info and help ,please!

Dammage69Dammage69 Member Posts: 2

I just have some questions of how to do this and that,but the ingame response for help mostly seems like pulling teeth.So if anyone catches this message....please if you see me on line ,offer a little help.I am totally drawn into this game and enjoy playing it alone,but sometimes i have questions and get no answers and its starting to frustrate me,please dont let my frustrations become a reason of divide.So i hope this message gets me the help I need,so to all the brethren of Archlord,....hear my call.



  • XaionXaion Member Posts: 7

    ok sure. Im not sure if you are online now but i would gladly answer your questions. Im an Expirienced member of ARCHLORD and i play it for two years. So just pm with your questions and i will do my best to answer them =)

  • YarunaYaruna Member Posts: 342

    You might want to include what world you're playing on.

    I don't play often anymore and certainly not on every world.

    Waiting for Guild Wars 2, and maybe SWTOR until that time...

  • XaionXaion Member Posts: 7

    My ingame name is : Xalion-Newly opened server
    and Flamehand-brumheart

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