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Why I started this month, got to 27, and then left



  • DonnieBrascoDonnieBrasco Member Posts: 1,757

    Originally posted by Torak

    Originally posted by dragonbrand

    Originally posted by shadow9d9

    Originally posted by Hellfyre420

    Originally posted by shadow9d9



     Really?? No population = identical to WOW? Somehow 9mil or 10 mil or 11mil, whatever the number of subs doesnt seem like no population to me. No advertisement = identical to WOW? Somehow it seems to me that Mr. T, Ozzy, William Shatner would disagree with you. No regularly updated content = WOW? Seems to be that there are regualr updates, patches and xpacs to WOW. Poorly implemented and meaningless faction system = WOW? All of WOW's BGs are faction based, open world PVP (that disappearing beast) is/was faction based.

    Seems like an irrational rant and personal animosity got into this conversation rather that facts or educated conjecture.

    Just saying . . .

    I don't think anyone really bothers to tackle it because A) he is completely and obviously wrong even to the most casual observer and B) he isn't interested anyway he just trolling the game. No matter what anyone has typed he has just lashed out.

    QFT.... it looks like, after the 16th kneejerk flame backlash he made at this poor guy whom he misquoted, he might just had the time to actually look back and realize he misquoted him... might got back in the trollhole, but i'm sure he'll be back :D

    Way, waaay to much fun in this thread, to bad I gotta go :)


    Denial makes one look a lot dumber than he/she actually is.

  • WilliacWilliac Member Posts: 212

    Originally posted by shadow9d9

    Originally posted by Williac

    Originally posted by shadow9d9

    I figured that I should make this post about my experiences and what is causing me to leave. I will do this in the form of comments from my experience. I hit level 27.75, maxed most of my crafting (around 110 each), and just built my electric motorcycle.

    1. Tutorial is nice, as well as extended tutorial. Help chat is great. However, upon level 5 or so, you no longer get the help channel automatically. There is no warning of this or explanation of how to get it back. You just log in one day and it is gone. Some kind of warning or option to keep it on would have been preferred.

    I know it's hard to try something new all by yourself. It must be really scary to try look around for the reactivation button, oh my. Try ask for help next time in region chat. Always some willing to help.

    You are just so clever!  It was figured out, but the complaint is for new players and it stands.  No reason not to add more useability to a game.  I know how leet you think you are though!

    2. Starter towns. There are WAY too many of them. Due to the AP that are scattered in all of them, even if you find a guide, you will have majorly outlevelled content and gone bored out of your mind by the time you have trekked through all. This made no sense to me. Why incentivize outlevelling content and reducing any limited replay value that an alt would find?

    I somewhat agree. While I've never been bored by the starter towns, and I've done them a couple of times, it's not as funny when you can litteraly kill without taking damage (Because your level is much higher than the mobs around starter towns)

    3. AP missions. Due to AP missions potentially being everywhere, unless you follow a guide, you are forced to do pretty much every mission everywhere. Yes, some people will argue that you do not HAVE to get all ap, but that is how you improve your character, which to most, is the point of these games.

    Why do you want an easymode? I simply don't get it. What would you prefer? Having them all in 1 town from 1 questgiver? C'mon and try experiencing the world mate.


    Umm, having to go to EVERY town means that you will outlevel content and actually make it easy mode.  Read how I hit level 27 using 2 level 4 melee weapons with no melee skill?

    4. Quests in general become repetitive in nature. This is the trend MMOs have been going, but I do not like it. Fetch this, fetch that, defend this, kill everyone there. I much preferred the leisurely exploration and hunting from the original Asheron's Call to the Fallen Earth system or most of the current MMOs. What is the point of being an indie "sandbox" type game if you just follow the done to death formula of current games?

    Agreed. Quests today are all repetitive and frankly mostly everyone would like to see something new. IMO Fallen Earth is a bit different from other games out there as they tend to come with great stories if you take the time to read the questlogs.

    5. Factions and APs. If you want all ap, you must first join factions that you do not want to be a part of. This is incredibly obnoxious, repetitive, and anti-thematic.

    They are working on fixing this issue and I agree with you. But remember, you have 1 main faction and 2 allied factions. That's 3 out of 6 factions. The AP's you won't get from the remaining factions isn't a big deal mate.

    6. Crafting. I actually enjoyed crafting in this game. I've never enjoyed crafting. However, there is not nearly enough info in game to learn what each research will actually give you ahead of time. What will improved vehicle parts level 1 give me vs level 2 vehicle parts? Motorcycle is improved 1, but dune buggy is 2? Give me some info in order to make informed choices. What is the difference between stats on each horse type BEFORE I spend the raw time and resources in making them!? I like my info in game and accessible. Having to look for charts out of game just sucks the immersion out of the experience.

    They have a nice /support system. I don't know if you'll find any of these problems adressed in there, but it's worth a shot. IMO I don't really know what the problem is. As a crafter I want every single recipe out there...

    7. Crafting 2. Real time is a unique mechanic, but sometimes is a bit obnoxious(15 hours for some?). You are restricted to queuing up 20 items at max? So, you can't just make 40 bandages? Why not?

    Again, stop with the easymode. FE crafting is unique in many ways and the MAIN selling point. The time it takes is fine as it is. If they change it, they should implement a new system, that made crafting impossible if you didn't stand in the proper workhouse.

    Why not make it a queue of one then?  Anything else is easymode, right?  Let's quadruple the components, because it is easymode.  You could use that ridiculous response to anything.

    8. Auction house. There are not nearly enough auction houses in the game, and their fees are prohibitive to low level players, and the time in auction is way too short. I don't care if this might be fixed in the future. The game is a year in already.




    9. People. There pretty much are none. 1-2 max in low level towns and the top amount in ANY town I have ever seen at once is 10 at new flagstaff. If you ask to group for harder quests(which are rare), you will likely get no response. Joined a nice clan, but 95% were inactive. Could I have looked around more? Sure, but it is still indicative of popularity. I do not want to join a game and spend time when there is not much hpoe of a future.

    You must have played on a whole different server than mine then. Always lots of people in starter towns, often more than 15+ per starter town. Embry is always packed with people, so is Oilville. The other major town thoughout Sector 1 are also very active. The smaller towns, like Mowbray and Pinkston are less populated given their location. They are far away and it takes time to travel there. But try it! It gives the game so much more immersion when your alone at those places. The wastelands are enormous.

    From 9 AM until about 6pm, the population I mentioned is correct.  If you use primetime to determine a game's population, and you think 15 people is a lot...

    10. Chat. No real easy way to find groups. The best you have is regional chat, which rarely gets a response. Yes, join a clan, but I look for games hwere you could get PUGs too.

    Agreed. There's not enough tools for grouping, in fact the game needs alot more group content in all sectors. But they have also stated, that they won't introduce a world chat, as it would destroy the "Far from everything" feeling.

    11. Respecs. The "hardcore" people fight against this. I read a lot beforehand and didn't spend AP til I absolutely had to. However, it is absolutely preposterous to have someone spend 100s upon hundreds of hours in a game, just to have had a decent portion of their experience misallocated without a way to fix it. It is a sure way to turn people off.

    The best solution to this is Asheron's Call's system. Beside for the stupid initial train/specialize choice, it didn't matter if you wasted xp, because essentially there was no xp cap and you could always just use future xp to add to other skills. All you lost was the time to level up the first skill.. and since skills were easy to raise at first, and slowly got harder, this was rarely hard to do.

    Again, please stop with the easymode. With the new patch, 1.6, respec is now available yet limited as it should be. You can change those mistakes you made and even try a new direction, if you can afford it. But they should never allow full respec. The problem you should be having is the Faction builds. I want to use rifles, but I don't want to join the factions who support it. If I don't join them, I can't compete in PvP. There's the real problem

    Yes, trying to figure out what different skills will actually do for you is hardmode.  It has nothing to do with hard or easy, it has to do with lack of adequate information to make a determination.  Your "hardmode" just makes it more frustrating for the majority of the player base with no payoff.  I have already documented better systems.

    12. PVP. With factions being worthless and changed around for ap, I cannot see this as being meaningful. My only experience with pvp was once having someone 3 shot me when I was around level 14. I eventually would have had interest, but with the wonky forced ap gathering, I must guess that some people didn't have the stomach for it and this will cause slight unnecessary imbalances.

    Agreed. PvP is still a problem as factions are worthless.

    13. Ammo. As a rifle player, and a newbie, I was mostly poor. I kept up with crafting, which kept me near broke. All the way until my current level, I stuck with my lowbie melee weapons to finish 99% of the content, only using my crafted guns for the absolute hardest content that i could not do with melee. Boring, but cheap. Ammo flows like water, and crafting more takes time, endless resources, and money.

    Zip ammo is pretty easy and cheap, but it gets progressively more time consuming and expensive.

    Didn't like it.

    What????? You do know that you're supposed to suplly yourself with the required materials? Zip ammo takes copper and you can gather that everywhere. Don't buy the materials.

    Yup, and ammo goes like water.

    14. Guns. I always maxed perception and rifle, yet my crosshairs even on the newest guns never got super small, no matter what I did. Maybe this was done to put everyone on a similar level and take some skill out of the equation to balance non fps players.... but if you are going for FPS players, the current system is just a poor hybrid.

    I agree. Combat system is still in need for changes.

    15. Mobs. Once you've seen lizards, creepers, wolves, spider, and men, you've seen most of the content for the first half of the game. At around level 25 I saw my first new mob, a wasp of some sort. More variety is needed.

    Wrong. There are lots and lots of different monsters out there both in sector 1 but also in the other sectors. C'mon mate...

    I would hardly call 7 types of enemies "lots and lots."  You see the same coyotes, creepers, and humans through 90% of the content in S1.

    16. Crashes. The game still crashes way too often. I could go some days without crashing and sometimes 2-3 in an 8 hour period. Inexcusable for a game a year in.

    Must be your computer then. I have yet to experience a crash. And I've played since november. What you should have done though, was to /bug it and have them take a look at it.

    Game comes out and a ton of people have problems.  A handful of fans don't or refuse to acknowledge the problem.  The devs say, "it must be your computer" and ignore it.  This is your argument?  Computers have different specs and I've played 100s of games of the years with none crashing as much as this one.  For a game one year in, it is pretty pathetic.


    17. Conclusion. In the end, I just don't have the desire to continue going from town to town doing the repetitive missions. I loathe the thought of having to grind my faction back to my desired faction. The population is poor and without the major hype of the release to continue to spur growth, the game has a very small future. Not enough new, too formulaic, too sparse, too many crashes, too little fps control, etc.

    It has been fun, but I do not see a future in it for me.

    This is just my personal opinion and I am sure the game hits the spot for some people.


    Btw, when I posted this to the general forums of FE, the mods deleted it to squash dissent.  So much for listening to feedback, eh?

    I'm sorry you didn't like Fallen Earth but it appears to me that the true problem is MMO burnout. Some of the problems you mentioned aren't really problems. I hope you'll find another game that can satisfy your needs :)



    Half you agreed with, half you didn't.  But instead of forming cohesive arguments, you just whined "easymode" in response to anything, or simply made assumptions/opinions and used them as facts.  Pretty typical.

    Yes, after 3 years of not playing a MMO and only trying 2 games for 3 weeks each, I am burned out.


    I should start using that excuse.  Don't like a book?  You are burned out on books.  Don't like  a game, you are burned out on games.  Don't like a sport?  You are burned out on sports.  It is a perfect way to dismiss an opposing opinion if you are super insecure!

    I did form valid arguments but you refuse to see them.

    I play from the EU and there's always more than 15+ in starter towns, also in the odd hours. Some starter towns are of course more popular than others, but there's no problem with the population. I'm sorry but you're wrong.

    There's plenty of information available on how skills work together with each other, the tutorial covers it pretty well, /support is also covering it, and there's a help channel for those with extra question. If you have watched the help channel you will know that half the questions asked there are answered by the tutorial. To sum it up, there's plenty of information. Yes, ammo goes like water but the game is packed with nodes and it's supposed to be difficult to keep yourself supplied.

    If you played through to level 27 and didn't see more than creepers, coyotes and humans then you missed the rest. Shiva's favoured, blight wolves, Giant ants, Giant Sand Worms, Throwbacks, Fungus, Cave dwellers, Diggers, Zombies and so on... And that's just for sector one. Is that arguement enough for you?

     I also wouldn't call myself a fanboi since I know and also stated that there's several problems in-game, but some of those you pointed out are flawed or just wrong. So why would I lie about never having a crash?

    If you're not burned out then this just isn't your game, as many have stated this is a game with limited audience. And yes, I was tired of football so i stopped playing, I was tired of playing MMOs 6 moths ago so I stopped playing.. Burnout mate.

  • shadow9d9shadow9d9 Member UncommonPosts: 374

    Originally posted by Aethaeryn

    Originally posted by shadow9d9

    Originally posted by Aethaeryn

    Okay having gone back and read the thread. . which I asked you do to . . I can see that you seem to be trolling.  I am done.   realize your mistake or don't.  I already said I would stop feeding you.  L2R seems appropriate.

    You said:  Your original claim was: "Glad to see there are so many of us who had never had a single crash, or maybe 1-2 since launch. It's quite terrific from an indie dev to achieve this."


    LOOK UP!  Waaaay UP. . posted by  . . .Not me!

    Ok, I have gone back and read the thread and YOU seem to be trolling.  Thanks.


    Did I do that well?  Continue with ad hominems to try to smear the opponent instead of the message?


    Oh wait, I missed one "L2R".. that is kinda a leet term though.. feels odd using it.

    Trying to think of any more ways to try to appear superior while dismissing another's points with attacks... "L2P" is another leet term.  Could call out another person as a shill.  That would work.  Let me know if you could think of any others.

    You qouted me wrong.  I didn't say it. . you keep qouting it and getting cranky about it.  I didn't say it.  I asked you to reread it. . you said you did. . and have not responded to the fact that you misquoted me.  All of your "disnegenuous crap comes from someone elses post.  Either you didn't reread it or you  misread it again.  I can't help you with that.  I tried many many times.  I even quoted what you said and pointed out who said it.  Are you serious. . I think not.  

    Is there a part of this that you don't get?  You win.  I get trolled easily but the third time is the charm.


    Originally posted by Aethaeryn

    Originally posted by shadow9d9

    Originally posted by DonnieBrasco

    Originally posted by Williac


    I'm sorry you didn't like Fallen Earth but it appears to me that the true problem is MMO burnout. Some of the problems you mentioned aren't really problems. I hope you'll find another game that can satisfy your needs :)

    Lol, funny enough, all these wall of text, and same conclusions as my - his own PC has a problem (crashes), and MMO burnout :)

    Glad to see there are so many of us who had never had a single crash, or maybe 1-2 since launch. It's quite terrific from an indie dev to achieve this.


    And by "so many of us", you mean 3 people who chose to respond in defense of the game?  Crashes are numerous and well documented on the game forums.  Good try though!

    I have never had the game crash ever. . so I guess that is 4 of us.  I just started playing again and have not had that issue. . not since beta and even then it was rare.  Sorry.

    The last line was my first post. . the others were not me.



    "I have never had the game crash ever. . so I guess that is 4 of us.  I just started playing again and have not had that issue. . not since beta and even then it was rare.  Sorry."


    That is yours correct?  What's the problem.

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