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kharzemkharzem Member Posts: 5


       I've been playing MMO's for about 4 years now, and i've found that I love adventuring! When I play a game, I love to go dragon hunting- which entails spending 30 minutes hacking my way through a thick jungle, another 20 fighting my way into the dragon's lair, and then 10 minutes fighting the dragon. And, as a reward, getting a gleaming magical chest-plate.

              Most games, however, are nothing like this. Every game that I can find is simply a grind. First you spend anywhere from 1 to 3 months leveling to the end-game, and then spending 3 to infinite months 'gearing up'. To me, going to kill a dragon or a lich with, oh, 50 other people, is NOT very exciting.

         I want a game where you have epic battles with your friends battling the village's evil river troll, or even helping some villager fix his roof. In other words, I want a game that's immersive and realistic. So that even helping the kid collect eggs from the hen-house makes you feel useful and important

       If anyone know's a game that's like this and, hopefully, is F2P (don't mind P2P though) please lemme know.


  • rahj83rahj83 Member Posts: 77

    Nothing really comes to mind. I would keep my eyes on Guild Wars 2 if I were you.


  • kharzemkharzem Member Posts: 5

    I should note that I don't want to LITERALLY spend an hour on a quest. I only mean that I want it to take more than, oh, 2 minutes and perhaps make me feel more important/useful to the storyline.

  • eburneburn Member Posts: 740

    That's the sandbox gaming experience everyone has been saying they want, but when a sandbox game comes around they sort of abandon the idea.

    Ryzom looks good. It has a bad history but there's people who swear the customer support has improved dramatically. I'm a once bitten twice shy guy tho'.

    A Tail in the Desert is pretty well recieved.

    WURM Online is doing okay now I think, and has a pretty cool free to try game.

    The best made sandbox game so far is EVE, but it's sci fi and stat heavy. Still probably one of the most worked on video game projects in history. But you sound like me and a bit more of a fantasy fan.

    I kill other players because they're smarter than AI, sometimes.

  • XiroXiro Member UncommonPosts: 118

    Darkfall is another option, though i'm not sure how you feel about hardcore PVP, but really - slaying a dragon is really exciting. And it does drop that shiny chest-plate you're looking for (if you can manage to kill it), and there isn't some long 20 man dungeon to go through to get to it either, you just have to find it on the world map - and or, it'll find you ;) 

    Also other awesome fights, without the "raiding", actually the only real "raiding" is the sieges (pvp stuff), lol. 

    Check it out, though i will say its not for the weak-hearted, the graphics are "eh" but good enough IMO (only 23 people make the game lol)

    Only game i think comes anywhere near close to what you're looking for ;P 

  • kharzemkharzem Member Posts: 5

    I LOVE Darkfall. However, my computer can't run it O_O it has nothing to do with a firewall, graphics, or overall performance. Just never been able to get it to run for more than 5 seconds without it crashing my computer...

  • TehJackalTehJackal Member Posts: 98

    For me im finding I do like the adventure aspect a lot more now a days... PvP is just kind of a bonus to me now. Being a MT in WoW really made me love the PvE aspects to game a lot more.... especially if there is some good story behind it :D


  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member UncommonPosts: 2,155

    Originally posted by kharzem

    I LOVE Darkfall. However, my computer can't run it O_O it has nothing to do with a firewall, graphics, or overall performance. Just never been able to get it to run for more than 5 seconds without it crashing my computer...

    That sucks because it is the best thing that comes closer to fitting your description . .. do you have an ATI graphics card?


    I am guessing that maybe you had the black screen issue?


    Here is a solution that I found for that issue:


    I found a solution! You can use ATI Tray Tools to force Darkfall to use Shader v2.0.

    1. Download ATI Tray Tools from its official page located here: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=733

    2. Install ATI Tray Tools and run it.

    3. Right-click on the ATI Tray Tools icon in your system tray and open "Tweaks->Standard Tweaks..."

    4. Set "Override Pixel Shader Version" to 2.0.

    5. Set "Override Vertex Shader Version" to 2.0.

    6. Click OK. Your screen will go black for a second or so and then reappear.

    Darkfall should now work correctly.

    I highly recommend changing your in-game settings once you manage to get in this way. For one, you don't need to have the tool running while you play the game, and for another I read somewhere that there is a bug with the tool where it resets when you restart your computer. I haven't tested this myself yet, but it's something to look out for.

    Additional notes: When I did this, I had Darkfall startup in windowed mode at 800x600 with shadows disabled (I think I also unchecked the music related options as well). You can set this by opening the launcher and choosing the "Options" tab at the bottom right. Doing this may not be required, but I figured I would add it just incase.



    Vanguard's PVE felt pretty adventurous . .. no instances at least. The open world is huge and closest thing that comes to Darkfall but the gameplay is like another EQ clone (but more enjoyable than most).

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