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legend55legend55 Member Posts: 155

Hi guys(and girls),

I played Thang Online like a year ago and i liked it but i found quite boring after some time

so my question is, if there are some new things in Thang Online? I am considiring to play it again:)



  • bandinbandin Member Posts: 11

    It went dead a long time ago (low population?), though I wish it were still alive.

    Level forty Kanhoa, slash and kite!
    Quote me if you know where a Kanhoa comes from.

  • kigiinkigiin Member UncommonPosts: 3

    hi, as i know the game was hacked by someone. it would be nice to try it again.  i played as mage- Thori (around lvl 120-130 with my friend LadyDora. (but she died almost 2 years ago in cancer- i miss you girl!)

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