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MMOG successes in India

people why do you think that inspite of asia being the biggest hubs of MMORPGs in the world, India has been on the back burner.

India has a good PC "accessibility" and internet speeds thanks to the PC Baangs (Cybercafes) that have sprung up everywhere. People are playing LAN based based like counter strike like carzy. Btu still the inclination to play a Ragnarok is very little... They have recorded about 100 concurrent users and that is huge. They have an average of 550 people playing at any given point in time... Moreover they are still under after almost one year of launch. Will people pay to play ragnarok like they do elsewhere in Asia... I doubt.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys..



  • darkmandarkman Member UncommonPosts: 767

    Well, seeing as how I'm Indian American, I do visit India from time to time. Last time I went was 2 years ago. So from my experiences 2 years ago, it seems like computer accessibility is easy with the internet cafes, but that's just what they are, internet cafes. I hardly saw cafes for LAN games or soemthing along those lines, my cousin did take me to one there, but that was like 30 minutes or so away from his house, and probably the only gaming CAFE I saw there. So maybe the game boom just hasn't hit India yet, mainly the internet boom is hitting them. Who knows, maybe times have changed since of late, but even if they did, you have to realize, usually popular games like Counter Strike and Warcraft are the ones that will attract people's attention first, not MMORPGs.

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