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Ryzom: Pleasantly surprised

deidesdeides Member Posts: 197

I have to say im really impressed with the saga of ryzom... I got bored and i thought id give the trial a go... well once i got passed the eery feel the game has to it (characters are... alien-ish and so is the world), i was really impressed with the depth the game has.

Im particularly impressed with the harvesting in the game - unlike other games where you find a ressource spot and click on it (then wait), ryzom has a dynamic harvesting system that can actually kill you if youre not paying attention! The crafting is also (it seems) very complex, and from what i hear you make more money crafting then fighting (thats rare in mmorpg's usually).

Well, the game still has alot that needs to be added before its complete (they are going to add the "raid" engine where the lands are invaded by baddies soon), but its still very nice, and the world... the world is amazing: animals actually run away from you if you attack one of them, you see bugs flying around and etc etc...



  • deidesdeides Member Posts: 197

    After a few more hours of playing, here are the bads - the most annoying part of the game are the quests, really they should really be improved - however the skill system still impressing me - after what, a year? or being released no one has of yet a "maxed" char. You can do what you want with your skills, no penalties for doing what you want... I really wish other mmo's would stop using restrictive class systems.


  • ChallengeChallenge Member Posts: 36

    I've been thinking about buying it.  Would you recommend it?  Also, what server did you play on?  I'm planning on playing on Aniro, for I am French.

    "Alas, the beginings of things!"

  • punkrockpunkrock Member Posts: 1,777
    yes get it. its a cool game i might go back to it when i have more money haha
  • ShinAsukaShinAsuka Member Posts: 19

    my char in there its a Warrior Apprentist and its lvl 36

  • deidesdeides Member Posts: 197

    theres really only 4 servers, and they are based on where youre from... so if your ein north america youll play on the north american servers, if youre in france/etc youd play on the french servers, etc etc.

    THey have a free trial, thats what im using right now, and Im really impressed. I just dont like not being able to jump, but thats a small problem - the game seems to be very stable as is, and thats good.


  • gargantroogargantroo Member Posts: 1,477

    They deleted my cd key because I cancelled my account and uninstalled it while I was waiting to get a new graphics card. I'll never know if it's good.

    i play on australian servers because racism is acceptable there
  • deidesdeides Member Posts: 197

    deleted a cd key? how does that make any sense? I created an account ... ages ago when the game came out, and its still there today, i checked. I havent logged into that account since i created it.

    Dunno dude, if you play Wow and enjoy it (122 hours!) then ryzom might not be the game for you. I'd like to think i like games that... well dont resemble Wow :)


  • MalianeaMalianea Member Posts: 314

    I agree with this completely. SoR is the most under-rated game I have ever played.



  • ElapsedElapsed Member UncommonPosts: 2,329
    I've been thinking about giving the trial a go. The skill system is what interests me most. It sounds kind of like AC1's, any character can pick up any skill. No classes! I really wish more MMO's would start going with a no class system too bad it's harder to balance.
  • deidesdeides Member Posts: 197

    yup, you can be a fighter for 6 months, then take on magic, then take on crafting... theres no penalty either, and in fact you char is much better if you do take on other skills... its a nice system.


  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199

    Very good news for you guys.
    The NA and Europe servers are merging.
    This will mean a super thick community even better then it was!!

  • deidesdeides Member Posts: 197

    thatll be interesting


  • punkrockpunkrock Member Posts: 1,777
    that is ways is kind of good and bad heh. will we all get along and talk i mean come on lol
  • marctmarct Member Posts: 75

    Ryzom is about 80-90% mature community.  It will be good.  I think the first couple of weeks will be rough, but that is all.  Imagine 2 WoW servers or something else merging.  Having that many players dumped on you is a lot to learn.  You are used to new players streaming in at a steady rate. 

    BTW, this is the Euro English and the North American servers merging only.

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