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How many people still play runescape?

Pain_K1llerPain_K1ller Member Posts: 7

Runescape is the perfect game for those kids who cry all around the game and annoy you, but how many ADULTS still play the game?


I am just wondering, since I am not a runescape player anymore, I hope to see some people talking about the new feature and stuff, just to know what had updated.


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  • DanoochDanooch Member Posts: 2

    I do!

  • quad40quad40 Member Posts: 2

    I still play it, and honestly I don't notice that many kids at least on the members servers.  I have noticed people that are definitely adults playing on World 79. (I rarely go to many other servers) Though being level 137, I may not go around the areas where most of the kids are. Free to play is obviously completely different because it is free-to-play.

    As for updates, Jagex has started to work on higher level content more often now and the graphics are greatly improved from the days of 2006 and earlier. Things actually have shadows, textures, lighting, particle effects, anti-alising etc. Although, If you want to enable aniscopic filtering you have to set it in your video card control panel.

    I would avoid the free-to-play worlds and you should have a better experience.

  • NasherUKNasherUK Member UncommonPosts: 480

    Not many adults, this is a game aimed at kids and it's full of them.  If you want an adult community pick Age of Conan or Eve (though stay off the pvp server on Age of conan, it has an awful community :P ).

  • popcorn2199popcorn2199 Member Posts: 52

    Honestly, I dont think they were going compleely for kids. Especially with the teen chat feature. Most 'kids' play games like club penguin or toon town. Kids aren't normaly real mmorpg gamers. They arent real familiar with the systems, graphics, and things like that.


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