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If you had to live in an MMO: PIck One

Just got busy at work can't discuss... So you discuss...

What class would you pick and why?



  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    Lotro i guess.

  • AdoniAdoni Member UncommonPosts: 389


  • TazuwukeiTazuwukei Member Posts: 45

    Under what circumstance would I have to live in impossibly uninhabitable lines of code?


  • AmarandesAmarandes Member Posts: 104

    For me, it would be World of Warcraft.

  • bluedragonnnbluedragonnn Member Posts: 118

    I would live in the new Star Wars the Old Republic MMO, and I would of course be a Sith Marauder. =]

    Originally posted by Turdinator:
    Wow. So many great points made in that post. You are a fine addition to the Athiest movement my good man. Keep up the good work and post as often as you like. It sounds like you have important/intelligent things to say.
  • Darb420Darb420 Member Posts: 34

    prolly one without PvP....

    if i wanted RL pvp i would have enlisted in the marines or something.


    Maybe FFXi or EQ

  • Luthor_XLuthor_X Member Posts: 431

    We actually had a discussion about this in TNO (Asheron's Call / Darktide) many, many years ago. But it went a little differently... It was if you died in RL and were reborn into a game. Since back then it was basically the big 3, most chose AC.

  • ReaperUkReaperUk Member UncommonPosts: 735

    None of the ones I've ever played. They're far too dangerous .................  I keep getting killed.

  • BloodDualityBloodDuality Member UncommonPosts: 404

    Probably eve-online, I could just keep cloning myself and live forever.

  • tswthoradintswthoradin Member Posts: 83

    uhhh, i don't mean to objectify women here, but since this is theoretical... which ever one that has the best rendered females with the biggest jugs. discount aion because they chicks have taloned feet, and i would not want to snuggle with someone who ripped flesh from bone when they played footsie. Also preferably one with player housing and instanced pvp.

  • Luthor_XLuthor_X Member Posts: 431

    Originally posted by BloodDuality

    Probably eve-online, I could just keep cloning myself and live forever.


    ahh, the future... you should visit my other thread about future mmo's.

  • jakojakojakojako Member Posts: 332

    Darkfall... without magic. 

    That'd be soooooo cool

  • VirusDancerVirusDancer Member UncommonPosts: 3,649

    CoH.  I mean, what other game could I have the alt account with breasts that large?

    I miss the MMORPG genre. Will a developer ever make one again?

    Explorer: 87%, Killer: 67%, Achiever: 27%, Socializer: 20%

  • SerpentarSerpentar Member Posts: 246

    Anarchy Online. Hang out in Reet's Retreat sipping on beer between alien bashings and cruising about in my Yalmaha. Also making sure to use the fire slapon XXXXX for the billionith time to put out those pesky fires that I am sent to put out in missions.

  • goingwyldegoingwylde Member Posts: 141

    It would have to be age of conan...the only game where the women have animated nipples.

  • laokokolaokoko Member UncommonPosts: 2,004

    Hello Kitty World Online.

    Or pretty much anything non violence.   I mean do I really want someone to smash me with a hammer on my head... 

  • TazuwukeiTazuwukei Member Posts: 45

    Luna Online.

    [Mod Edit]


  • eyceleycel Member Posts: 1,334

    nice question and thread.  Funny, Id probubly pick SWG cause I could have my own place and go to the cantina without any trouble.  If needed I could buy some thing on the bazar or gamble at one of the casinos.  Aot fo do in SWG.


  • eburneburn Member Posts: 740

    World of Warcraft: In the real world I've worked my arse off trying to get my forearms bigger in the gym. An instant solution to that and it be socially acceptable to wear a tabard? Sign me up.

    I kill other players because they're smarter than AI, sometimes.

  • DubhlaithDubhlaith Member Posts: 1,012

    EVE would be pretty great, what with the pretty much guaranteed immortality. I like that idea. Of course, the living arrangements themselves are sort of gross. Maybe after the update in which we can walk around like human beings.

    Maybe WoW, sadly. There are a great many people that can go about fighting the monsters, and I can be resurrected by a friendly healer if things go south. There are many places to escape the encroaching horror in the world. Also there are gnomes. WoW gnomes are just adorable.

    As for most online games, they would be horrifying places to live in, always in fear of mortal combat or wild displays of immorality. Actually, I like that second one.

    I really am not sure, I think most MMOs would be interesting places to live in, but not comfortable ones.


    I forgot to mention something about tabards, but as ebrun mentions, it being totally okay for me to walk around with a tabard would be a fantastic feature of many fantasy worlds.

    "Gamers will no longer buy the argument that every MMO requires a subscription fee to offset server and bandwidth costs. It's not true — you know it, and they know it." —Jeff Strain, co-founder of ArenaNet, 2007

    WTF? No subscription fee?

  • marcustmarcust Member UncommonPosts: 495

    Easily UO.

    I am so close to dumping all these modern MMO's and going back to the one I loved.

    Playing: Darkfall New Dawn (and planning to play Fallout 76)
    Favourite games have included: UO, Lineage2, Darkfall, Lotro, Baldur's Gate, SSX, FF7 and yes the original Wizardry on an Apple IIe

  • hadohado Member Posts: 80

    SWG of course

  • VercinVercin Member UncommonPosts: 290

    Ultima Online

    Or Age of Conan


    I sorta feel like WOW but for as big as the lore is supposed to make the game feel, npc population wise I don't see how any of it was ever pulled off. Oh no there are 20 humans invading our country, whatever will we do!

    The Stranger: It's what people know about themselves inside that makes 'em afraid.

  • JuicemanJuiceman Member Posts: 167

    Ryzom, that evironment would be sweeeeet livvins and it's really the only game where I can imagine it.  That world felt kinda real to me many times.

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