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Where to play

I live in europe, where can i playtest this game...


i.e.  where is the best and biggest community, in europe or in Acclaim US lands.

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  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    TCoS has been free to play for over a year. At least until the owners decide to shut it down or fix it. They haven't indicated either way yet in the past year.

    It also has no support other than what other players give.

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  • CzelsiorCzelsior Member Posts: 41

    Create an acclaim account and have a look here


    there are only the US servers from acclaim.

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  • tfoghosttfoghost Member Posts: 5

    Don't bother, The game has been tossed in the scrape pile by playdom , which bought acclaim, they only deal with facebook games and this is not one. you can still look at the game and visit the bigner areas since the others are locked under a premium account , left over from its P2P days, but since thier severs are no longer communicating and players have bombarded the password word server with changes it NO LONGER WORKS, so the game, as great as it was and yes i am probably the longest playing player in the game, is scrape. Its a sad sad day, especially when i personnaly offered to buy the title and game from acclaim and they didn't even consider it. The management, mainly the CEO mark at acclaim are the worst businessmen in the world. Anywho if you where not playing it over the last year then you missed out on what could have been the greatest game mix of MMO and FPS game styles out there with more Story content then WoW and Guildwars Combined, and combat had the thrill of COD, unlike most MMO's that are nothing more that games for drones with no skill and no life. This game should be sold to microsoft so they can turn it into a 360 game and release it on xbox live, It would be sweet.



  • just2duhjust2duh Member Posts: 1,290

     Anyone know when Frogster is supposed to this take over? Acclaim is just hosting it until whenever they take control, can't find out when that might be though.

     Installing it now for something to do, just to see what it's like or worth playing once it has a future, it's still alive in the meantime though, with NO CASHSHOP either, so that should make for an even more balanced PvP experience, as temporary as it may be (acclaim will wipe servers when it moves to Frogster).

  • just2duhjust2duh Member Posts: 1,290

    Originally posted by just2duh

     it's still alive in the meantime though

      Hm, guess i'll have to retract that statement.

     Just finished installing and when opening the launcher a message pops up saying "Download Failed (HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable)" then it closes.

     Seems like it shutdown, oh well on to the next time filler!

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