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stuff u do not know on dmo

In this article . It states that Vigil will have no .. "non combat classes" in dmo.


This means that every class will be able to woop your bums in battle.


Also there will be space in dmo.

In this picture behind the space marine in the window.


You can see an asteroid and small moon or big comet with a blinding sun star in the window.

Then if u glance really closely at the bottom right under that black big rock shape object. You can see a star.

So that marine is on his battle barge it seems like. This meaning space in the game.

Just gotta wait and see what there going to show in 2 days now at the comic con. Hoping for another video.

enjoy :D


  • jnicholajnichola Member Posts: 118

    I doubt they will have significantly more of a showing at comicon than they did at E3 ... probably the exact same. All we can really hope for this soon, is some more Q&A sessions, but I guess those will be just as ambiguous and uninformative as the ones at E3.  Not trying to be a pessimist, but I know how these things go, and as tight lipped as they have been so far... I wouldn't expect much more out of them until E3 2011... 

    Thats how I am approching this anyway... hopefully I will be pleasantly suprised


  • AbisbowaAbisbowa Member UncommonPosts: 91

    They said they will offer more information at Gamescom in a few months.

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