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a fun MMORPG

Hi, I have WoW and i love it but i only have it every other week ( my parents are divorced) so I'm looking for another fun one. I tried CoH but i hated it too much hack and slash and the areas were boring and depressing. any suggestions?


  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    EQII is a great counter-balance to WoW in my opinion.

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  • AtohAtoh Member UncommonPosts: 107

    Also, another great game if you'll only get to play every-other week is Eve Online. Because of it unique skill systems, skills train even when your offline...and some skills at high levels can take a month or more to train... so even tho you cannot play for a week, your charachter can still acomplish things. I beleive still has a 10 or 14 day free trial for it running, which is more than enough time to see if you like the game. It has a somewhat of a steep learning curve, and its a sci-fi MMO, so it is quite different than WoW. Actually, the game play between the two are very different, so it might allow for a nice variety.

    EqII is also a great game, and having played Eve, EQII and Eve for quite some time each, i feel that all three are games of equal quality, yet they appeal to different people.

    Hope this helped.

  • PasomattPasomatt Member Posts: 221

    Yeah, I think in this day and age its hard to play just 'one' when there are so many.
    Like back when there were only 3 (like EQ, Ultima, and Meridian) it was easy to just play one. But when there are things like EVE (more of a solo, space-adventure type game), EQ2 (dynamic, and semi-slow paced) WoW (fast-paced, gimmick game), etc its easy to play multiple to get the best of each world.

    I typically have 2 or 3 that I'm subscribed to.

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