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Graphics vs Gameplay, which do you prefer?



  • sdoughtysdoughty Member Posts: 149
    i checked out UO 2 c wat everyone loves about it, saw a screenshot of it n closed the website, the graphics wernt good enuf for me

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  • MisfitZMisfitZ Member Posts: 368

    Originally posted by sidebuster

    Also NO, it is not hard for developers to do both, LMAO it is not like they go to work and say, "Well guys, we got to come to a conclusion. Gameplay or graphics"


    Actually, it kind is like that.

    They say "Do we want to use normal-mapping, specular highlights and dynamic lighting? Or do we want to focus on player housing and interesting, balanced, fun and highly scalable pvp? Or should we work on integrating dynamic content to the storyline? "

    They say "Should we continue to optimize the engine, so that we can run higher polycounts and have more character battle animations and emotes? Should we spend more time with the character customization features? Or should we make the cities player controlled, and establish political positions for key players, or improve the creatue A.I.?"

    Just examples, but developers make decisions like these every single day of the development cycle. If 75% of the original design document makes it into the release of the game, it's a miracle.

     So yea, they do have to make the decision, whether to focus their time on the visual aspects of the game, or on the gameplay mechanics. Most Devs try to strike a balance. The reason for this thread is that oftentimes, they fail.

    Edit: One more thing, to drive the point home. If it's so damn easy for them to do both, why then so often do we have games where the graphics are nice, but the gameplay is lacking? Lineage 2, EQ2, WoW, SWG name a few.

    Listen Asmodeeus, seven years ago, Ultima Online didn't even have those pathetic "quests" that you refer to or those "professions" of ninja, samurai, necromancer, and paladin. Nor did it have any of the neon crap, or bug mounts. It didn't even have any "combat moves." You turned on attack and jousted with simplistic swings. It was a better game then. if you can't guess why then just uninstall the thing and move along. - Crabby

  • SicarimSicarim Member Posts: 219

    Originally posted by ianubisi

    Here's the formula I always use:
    Good Graphics + Good Gameplay = Great Game
    Bad Graphics + Good Gameplay = Good Game
    Good Graphics + Bad Gameplay = Pretty Game
    Bad Graphics + Bad Gameplay = Bad Game
    You can decide where you want to focus your time, but I don't tend to play games unless they have good gameplay.

    Thats a good philosphy... i'll use that.

    Anyways, graphics ARE very important to me. For example, i just cant get into text based games or browser games... i need graphics... but if the gameplay sucks, then I wont play. I think good graphics submerse the player into the game, so its important.

  • CeredwynnCeredwynn Member Posts: 124

    To me a RPG is:
    40% -- Storyline
    40% -- Gameplay
    20% -- Graphics

    Non-RPG's are:
    65% -- Gameplay
    35% -- Graphics

    Go with what makes the game fun and graphics isn't largely important to the equation of a good game in my opinion. Gamers that have played Nes|Snes|Sega shouldn't be fretting on graphics so much.


  • BobCrazytonBobCrazyton Member Posts: 2,117

    Originally posted by gargantroo

    That is one of the most obvious answers ever. If your referring to EQ2 being graphics, and WoW being gameplay, WoW is loved for gameplay, EQ2 is loved for both. EQ2 isnt loved for its graphics, they are just a nice addition.

    EQ 2 isn't loved for both

    EQ2 is barely loved

    If someone DOES love it then it's obviosly because of the graphics and they can't admit that WoW is better and EQ 2 is crappy. Anyway I think gameplay makes the game.

  • spizzspizz Member UncommonPosts: 1,971

    i prefer both of course !!

    unfortunately most of the produced games nowadays are more eye candy than game content
    i love great graphics but graphics alone is nothing worth, even after a while u dont recognize the beautifull graphic anymore and get used to it. so gameplay and content is priority one and awesome grphic is the seond. if you watch all those mmorpgs more than 50% of those games are concentrated on graphics only some have really good gameplay or content.

    unfortunately the younger generation is so much used to good graphics that developers spend more time in developing graphic games instead new game ideas.
    i.e. ww2online has only decent graphics but is a great mmopg with top game content, but most of the people dont like it cause of the graphics...thats just dumb in my eyes. this game is one of the niche products which looks for game content and possibilities more than graphics.

    when i see games where u have brilliant graphics but the only content is to lvl up killing ai mobs and nothing more you will hear only a *yaaaawn* from me

  • BigMastaBigMasta Member Posts: 29

    ive played Lineage 2 and WoW and they both have outstanding graphics......BUT NO GAMEPLAY

    go to

  • NecianNecian Member Posts: 73

    Well, ideally, I'd say both together make a great game. Honestly though, you can't have a game that's just graphics, because without fun gameplay, there's really no point in playing the game (as many PS2 games have proven themselves to me). However, if the gameplay is only mediocre and the graphics suck, the game isn't worth playing either. Of the two, gameplay is really more important, but for me, without some decent graphics to back it up, it loses a lot of fun.

  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    Originally posted by MisfitZ

    Heartbeat vs Breathing. Which would you choose?

    Althought I need both, I can hold my breath and just sporadically get some air.  Whales and dolphins hold breath for a very long that would like having nice graphics while you zone or check your inventory...

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  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    Originally posted by BobCrazyton
    EQ2 is barely loved

    Barely loved by over 350K+ subscribers. Sounds like good loving to me.

  • PasomattPasomatt Member Posts: 221

    I think the answer isn't 'both', but its not either one. I won't really play a game if its got great gameplay and is ugly. But at the same time I won't play a good looking game that doesn't have any compelling gameplay. Ideally it would be both... but I'd settle for decent graphics and decent gameplay, or 'ok' graphics, and great gameplay.

    Roma Victor for example supposedly will have great gameplay, but it is so ugly I doubt I will play it.

  • Dantes77Dantes77 Member Posts: 106

    Maybe some time there will be a point where the hardware coming out for computers will come to a stand still because everything will be small and fast as hell. What i mean by that is that i think maybe the graphics craze is just a faze sooner or later it will become more effecient to where developers can spend more time on the gameplay then if a certain computer can run it and how. One thing is gameplay will never go away it has to be there. Which makes me realise maybe this argument is kind of moot? Or not because the consumer makes the producer still stand on its feet.

    In the end everything tends to work itself out, and both graphics and gameplay will be realised some day. 

    this kind of makes me realise sooner or later computers will just be one set standard because there will be nothing else to add to it...Examples as of rightnow are console systems and macs :P but they are not the greatest example. Consoles are awesome though at least game developers can concentrate more on the game itself then whether it will run on this or that computer, they just all have the same limitations.

  • PasomattPasomatt Member Posts: 221

    I'd actually prefer graphics go more stylish then photorealism, and I think that in a few generations of hardware, maybe even the next, we can achieve something like that. Like Warcraft proved you can look consistant and not cripple a computer. (like even on their lowest setting the things look consistant and fluid, everquest 2 is a bunch of smears, things popping into view, changing appearance, etc as it renders differently.)

  • Dantes77Dantes77 Member Posts: 106
    Well, once photorealism can be achieved i think then we can expect stylized games more often because not everyone always wants realistic looking games all the time. Well some anyway. Stylised realism would be cool. It can look real IE lighting and shading and movements and such but who says cant be artistic?
  • punchlinepunchline Member Posts: 544

    arent graphics a must in all games nowadays?

  • Both are equally important

    Graphics is to first capture the gamers attention, wow him for the first few hours....
    No one wanna see his character as have retarded looking char running around

    Gameplay is to keep him in the game for the rest of his gaming time.

    Unlike gameplay, graphics advance way too fast, game play on the other hand is based on the idea,

    For me gameplay > graphics especially in mmo game.

  • darkmandarkman Member UncommonPosts: 767

    While graphics I do believe are important to any MMORPG that wants to do well in todays market, Gameplay is definitely more important. I mean, you can have one visually stunning game like Everquest 2, but if it has no gameplay to match its wonderful graphics, then it really isn't a great game. Gameplay, not graphics, is what makes the MMORPG. What fun is a visuall stunning game in which you do a lot of crappy things, or the gameplay is just downright horrible? However, I won't downplay graphics though, I do think, now more than ever, that graphics are an integral part of MMORPGs. I used to think differently, but now I've put some sense into my brain over the last few months. But, if you have a game like WoW, where the graphics are not the best, but they certainly are fine, then you can manage well.

  • JulianDracosJulianDracos Member UncommonPosts: 1,528

    If everything was about gameplay then most people would still be playing on a MUD and not any of the games that are out there.

    It is not that people choose the best looking game.  You are certainly not going to pay to just look at pretty things while the rest of the game sucks.  Moreover most are not going to play a game that was great game play but has horrible graphics or none at all.

    People want value for their money.  Given the choice between paying for a game that has horrible 2D graphics (with great game play which I am not going to argue for or against here) or one that is 3D and beautfiul then why would I or most other mmorpg players choose the 2D?

    If it were free then that is a reason.  If it offered something totally mind blowing then maybe.  Given the competive market it simply does not make sense for most mmorpg players to choose to play an ugly game when there are better looking ones that offer the same or better level of game play. 

    It is not game play versus graphics.  Nor is it really "both."  It is that you go for the game play that you like within a large variety of attractive and competive games -SWG, SoR, EVE, EQ, EQ2, WoW, DAOC, CoH, MxO, FFXI, etc. 

    I enjoy playing Pong now and then, but I am certainly not going to pay almost the same about to play Pong as I will whatever the latest game to come out is. 

  • RazorbackRazorback Member Posts: 5,253

    I think most of us agree its a balance issue.

    I played UO for almost 6 years (with 2 several month breaks) The graphics are so acceptable I could still play it, the gameplay is what would get me back because no game has yet matched the freedom of options found in UO.

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  • MichkeMichke Member UncommonPosts: 106


    gameplay... that's what a game really needs. I have a high end computer and graphics card and I still think Arkanoid on my old QL was the best game ever made because of gameplay and keyboardsetup, was set up like this : ...left right spacebar up down... can't play those clones like bricks on computers nowadays cause the keyboard is messed up with all arrows for one hand.

    Anyhow I love this graphics discussion, I basicly dislike 3d graphics, even isometric 2D annoys the crap out of me. Thus I look for 2D that is nice and flat like my computerscreen. In the end 3D in games is just some bizarre flat with a lot of shading and things that makes me go dizzy.

    So sure, graphics has it's importance, you need to be able to visualize things nicely but I don't like the direction graphics took. The determining factor that makes or breaks a game will always be the concept of gameplay within it. Grinds will get boring, there has to be something else to do in the game besides those pretty graphics.


  • LaneoLaneo Member Posts: 359

    To the original poster...

    This poll is plain irelevant and you seem to only have a need for a post count and attention. And when people do give their opinion you tell them to shove it because you dont like their answer?? Cmon Moron..

    Everyone knows that Gameplay>Graphics. Without gameplay/content graphics dont mean shit (Lineage 2 example)

    There is no game out currently (Not even EQ2) that has both aspects with a few only coming close.

    Only one I can see that MIGHT have both is the up coming Dark and Light MMO.

    People who prefer Graphics over Gameplay will find themselves jumping from game to game because of lack of content/gameplay looking for that "Perfect Game"and I know I'm right.

    Those that deny it are only hiding their true nature.

    Let me ask this question: How many games are sitting on your shelves that you played a month or less? image

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  • punkrockpunkrock Member Posts: 1,777

    haha i know its not to me but i will use my self as a exp:


    i have





    5. FF online

    6.The Saga Of Ryzom


    that is 7 haha wow that is alot. most of them becouse i looked at graphics and not game play haha wow that is alot and i am getting more but this time more game play then graphics haha what a dork i am

  • JoeyNippsJoeyNipps Member Posts: 186

    Originally posted by MisfitZ

    If it's so damn easy for them to do both, why then so often do we have games where the graphics are nice, but the gameplay is lacking? Lineage 2, EQ2, WoW, SWG name a few.

    The answer is simple - it is NOT easy to do both.  While the issue is NOT at all black and white (from the development point of view), in general producing "pretty" graphics in a game is easy while producing high quality "gameplay" is NOT.  Pretty graphics requires good artists (plenty of them around) - so that is relatively easy.  However, engaging gameplay requires technologies (AI for example) that either do not exist or are extremely difficult to program.  Quality gameplay elements (intricate story design for example) requires very high quality and original writers (not easy to come by as artists) AND overcoming inherent problems in an MMORPG (such as players eating up content by playing many hours a day) that may not even be solveable.

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  • Ken`ShieroKen`Shiero Member Posts: 289

    Gameplay is much more important, due to the fact I can play a game longer without good graphics and good gameplay than can vice-versa. To be truthful Runescape will have to be one of the best mmorpgs I have ever played. Graphics weren't all that spectacular but hey the gameplay was in there. Cooking, crafting,  and questing and tons more that game is the ish.


    Gameplay is the more important of the two, but heck having both wouldn't hut eitherimage

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  • IragaelIragael Member Posts: 29

    While sweet graphics are very nice, gameplay is far more important.

    The gameplay is the core of any game (the meat if you will), the graphics, while being important, are like gravy.

    Frankly, i've been keeping my eyes peeled for a sweet game that will have me hooked for a long time, with a good balance of questing, crafting, fighting and some tactical and strategy aspect.

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