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iank240iank240 Member Posts: 170

I have been watching a lot of videos of this game and it intrigues me.

The social aspect is probably more important in this game than many others as there is no PVE as such.

It has only been two weeks so exciting to see how many people still play after their 50 hours are up.  I hear that realtime worlds have pulled staff off another project to help develop APB.  That means financially it must have got off to a good start.  Big assumption? yes.

The 100 people per server is not too bad all.  Do you seriously walk past 100 people in games such as WoW, EVE or LOTRO?  Not in my experience, but I am not "hardcore".

The matchmaking system could be the decision maker.  The new patch is upon us, from there I will have a look again and see if it is worth £30.  Too much Battlefield, Bad Company 2 has given the FPS bug again.

Communication between the devs and players seems to be good.  I wonder if they can keep up if the population doubles.  Will support drop?  Who knows.


  • corpusccorpusc Member UncommonPosts: 1,341

    100 players per public instance/district.

    there's 3 districts and multiple instances of each district going simultaneously.



    Corpus Callosum    


  • iank240iank240 Member Posts: 170

    Ah, I see.


  • corpusccorpusc Member UncommonPosts: 1,341

    also the social (non-combat) disctrict has a much higher player limit of 250.


    Corpus Callosum    


  • matrixvsmatrixvs Member Posts: 179

    well i been playing since headstart i must say its a "nice" game but has some serius problems.


    for one even tho it says 100 ppl u will never see more ppl at ones than say 20 ish in action district at one time.

    the flaws for this game is bad support lot of players have fps problems or unexplainable lag since last patch.

    allso as far as i can tell nothing is being done about cheating .. and well lets just say punkbuster was a poor choice on their side.

    and the balance with matchmaking system is a bit off if ur getting in the higher threat levels u will end up in groups say 8>3 8>4 5>2. allso at the moment 1 gun in particulair is overpowered and that been like it since start and does not get changed.

    not to mention the random bugs u find ingame suddenly exploding without a reson .. models that are looking wrong.


    as for the community ...... dont get ur hopes up as far as i can tell 70+% are minors that just bought the game because its rated 18+ and you realy notice it in district chat and during fights. and well the random bashing with trucks is allso a dead giveaway.

  • iank240iank240 Member Posts: 170


    Still interests me.  What better way to get back at kids than tag their names and go hunting for them.

    Missile Launcher (aka RPG7 or whatever they call it) from on top of a building as they do drive bys.  Oh the happines of revenge :)

  • SuperjudgeSuperjudge Member Posts: 10

    APB takes quite a bit of patience on your part.  The earlier poster was quite correct in his assumption of the maturity level of much of the community.  

    The summer release has benefitted the youngsters in that they have had unlimited play time in which to progress.  Many of them have been able to boost their rating which more or less equates to a level and allows you to unlock some of the higher end gear.  

    A lot of the time, that can be done by simply sitting AFK in the car or clothing customizers for free in the social district.  I picture them wasting their parents electricity doing this while they are off at their part time lawn mowing or dishwashing job.  They get their cash and then run back and use paypal to buy the highest tiered weapons with 3 upgrades and the highest tier personal upgrades from other players in the auction house.

    The problem that I have found with them doing that is that they have simply not learned how to play this game.  There is no tactical thought to accomplishing a mission, they simply want to rely on the goodies they have bought to give them the advantage.  It's actually been great for me, forcing me and my friends to actually learn how to play this game.  When to fight and when to run, etc.  

    The 3-other men I usually play this with also have full time jobs.  We started out playing enforcers but later switched to criminals for something different.  Neither my enforcer nor my Criminal are above 100 in rating.  The same is true for my clanmates.  On our missions, we usually have one man with a long range weapon (an Obeya for now.  I can't wait to get an HVR in his hands), two with mid-range unmodded N-Tec's and I usually play smashmouth with a single mod OCA "Mortician".

    Overwhelming firepower can often be underwhelming when you use no tactics whatsoever.  For me its not all about getting the kill, sometimes its simply about distraction.  The only personal mod that I carry is a resupply one.  I will slowly and deliberately move into our mission area and then attempt to scout for our opposition.  A lot of the time they will be set up in obvious positions allowing you to spot them for your friends.  Many times, I will play a distraction role getting them to focus on me, using their ammunition and grenades trying to kill me.  Quite often, my clanmates are able to sneak up on our opponents and take them out.

    I know you're thinking that this is fine in a team but surely one on one would not function this way, but it does.  You simply have to take your time and plan ahead.  Oh and no matter what you do, DO NOT run into an objective.  Running or driving up to an objective puts a pretty red triangle on your opponents radar to tell them where you are at.

    The bugs in the game are really not gamebreaking at this point unless you are running a 32-bit system with Realtek audio and are crashing constantly which is a bummer.  I have a friend who experiences this.  I cannot attest to the hacking problem in that other than an single mission that I felt sure of, I have not seen anyone hacking.  I have had frustrating bits but the fun I have had far outweighs the grief.

  • iank240iank240 Member Posts: 170

    Thanks for the information.

    I would prefer the more tactical approach.  I am trying to nab two friends to join my on the raid to APB glory :)

    I have had a look around, prices have dropped to £24.99 at Game and

    Shame Steam are still doing it at £29.99 otherwise I would buy now.

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