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Hellgate: London

Anybody else see this month's new PC Gamer?  It's got a preview for the first game from Flagship Studios (Bill Roper's new company): an action RPG called Hellgate: London.

It's basically a Diablo-clone that takes place is a demon-infested post-Apocaplypic London.  All of the features are reminiscent of Diablo: levelling, randomization, phat l00t, etc.  Multiplay will coop for 16 players (possibly 32).  It's a 3D game from the first person perspective.  The screenshots weren't that impressive, looked like a copy of Doom 3.

Not really a MMORPG, but I figured this would be of interest to folks here.


  • ZrazikZrazik Member Posts: 195

    Bill Roper? The one from Blizzard North?


    OMG!!!!111 CRAETOR OF DIABLO!!11!1

    But on a serious note... It's nice that former Blizz employees are making Diablo sequels while Blizzard is sitting on their asses. GW, G&H and now this, yay!

  • GrouchoGroucho Member Posts: 100

    Yes, that Bill Roper.

    This is basically Diablo 3 with a different name.

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