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City of Heroes pvp?

sog3nsog3n Member Posts: 40
how exactly do u pvp in CoH? has anyone tried pvp yet? how is it?

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  • Iceman12321Iceman12321 Member Posts: 992

    Doesn't look like you can PvP in City of Heroes.

  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433

    When Issue 4 goes live some PvP will be possible in CoH(on test server last time I check, so incoming soon).


    Full PvP version of the game will be available with CoV release.  No real mean player-villains, friendly PvP at most until this happen.  image

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  • Drake102Drake102 Member UncommonPosts: 24
    You actually can PVP on the test server but it went down because of a bug and won't be back up until tuesday I think.
  • jaidenjaiden Member Posts: 35
    I dont think they offer PvP, honestly I think Player v Player combat is what destroys great mmorpgs

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  • darkbladesdarkblades Member Posts: 7

    Id have to agree with Jaiden on this one, Just like EvE is CoH goes PvP it will only turn into a massive eltiest club, no fun for anyone, PvP does ruin great games.

  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433

    If you dont need to do any PvP except for the PvP aspect(like PvP powers or whatever restricted to PvP), I dont see how it could harm the rest of the game.


    If you need to PvP to earn anything that affect the PvE world, it would be extremely nasty, but Cryptic have been firm to imply it would be completely optional.  Are they politicians about this promise or will they hold to their part of the bargain is another thing in itself.

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  • loke81loke81 Member Posts: 43

    The Colloseum as its also called will introduce pvp to CoH in issue 4, i heard whispers about it being released live on april 1st and 15th, one can only wait and c..

    Its coming to the test server next tuesday after it crashed on the first test and hopefully it will work then, ive played CoH a while now, and even though i feel pvp aint a must in this game i think its gonna bring a new aspect to the gameplay and personally im psyched about it coming.

    Although it will prob result in alot o pvp built char and other things like harassing peeps who dont wanna pvp etc i think the overall community in CoH is mature enough to handle it..


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  • HyoukanHyoukan Member Posts: 307

    PvP will only enhance CoH as a MMO. First off when pvp is first released it will only be colloseum combat, you go into controlled area's do stuff like 3v3 combat rooms, gvg combat rooms, free for all rooms, and so on.

    When CoV comes out (City of Villains, the expansion to CoH), there will be full pvp implemented, with Guild/SG housing that Villains can siege against and vice versa. PvP outside the colloseum will ONLY be consentual, if you want to get into pvp you can, if you dont, you dont have to. I belive the consentual pvp will include duels (maybe, dunno why since there's a colloseum for people to get into pvp rooms), and I' not sure about this but I believe two SG's/guilds will be able to mutually declare war and have open pvp against eachother.

    My personal opinion on the PvP? I think it's gonna be great, since there's not really "equipment" it's all gonna be about strategies, including power choices team combonations, using advantages. For example a "blaster" who picks fly and trys to attack a "tank" the tank can still use a power called air superiority to knock em out of the sky and such. It'll be about what skills you picked, and how you use them.

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