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PSP Anyone?????

 Typically an nintendo fan, and kiddo brought home psp yesterday we enjoyed it alot. We watched a movie it came with and played the racing game. It was amazing.

 So any one else took the plunge? Na not adding this one to my collection still very happy with what we have already...


  • sog3nsog3n Member Posts: 40
    im not goin to waste $300-500 on some "playstation portable", u can get the ps2 for $100, and it has way better aspects than the psp besides the fact that it is portable, the graphics are worse than the ps! and the games are the same price as any other game that is on the market. im just sayin that its a waste of money unless your filty rich

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  • Iceman12321Iceman12321 Member Posts: 992

    I dont think its a waste of money, but I'm not going to go out and get one for $250. I'm going to wait for a couple of months and wait for the price to drop. With the little that I've seen of the PSP, I'm amazed.
    am curious, with sog3n's negative comments in mind...

  • Dantes77Dantes77 Member Posts: 106

    The psp is just that, another cool toy.  Im thinking about getting one, i just think their a bit expensive atm i can wait. Also, there will probably be better games out by that time anyway. I just hope not all of them will be ports from the other systems, which i doubt there will be. Have fun with the sytem im sure youll enjoy it.


  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433

    I dont see where I could use the game device that I cant use a PS2 or a Xbox(have both)...some will say in the bus, but if I dont look up when I am in the bus, I will get sick and will want to puke, dont know why, but this is the case.  So unless the PsP would remain pretty high on it own, I dont see how I would want to play that in the bus hehe.  (for some reasons I think I could even be on the back, but not in any form leaning forward/down in the bus)


    I am maybe in a waiting place like once or twice per year, definitely not able to afford that much money for so little time.


    No idea if the PsP is nice or bad, it is not something I have a need for and it is prolly much worser then a gamecube(which I find to be to low for the spoiled customer I am, PS2 was barely acceptable).

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  • LightSlayerLightSlayer Member Posts: 182
    WHAT PSP HAS WAY BETTER GRAPHICS THAN PS1! Loading time is slower than PS2 though. I think it is like PS 1.85 not AS good as PS2 or as bad as PS1, but greater than PS2. I bought one and the idea for it sounds cool. Online Play, Changable Memory, Got ALL functions DS has except the touch screen, but who cares, and a whole lot more too...I have DS and it aint that great except Warioware >.>

    PSP is awesome....


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