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Looking for a good game like diablo I dont mind paying



  • bugmenbugmen Member Posts: 61

    RYL: Path of the Emperoe has a big Feels like Diabl check there.

    Itll take a minute to get use to the control they are simliar but take some time to get use 2.

  • PanicSyndromPanicSyndrom Member Posts: 8

    Ashen Empires



  • SBC3SBC3 Member Posts: 372
    How about ypu guys shut up about the spelling i was typing fast i have to get off comp in 2 mins to go to an easter party... Also my mom is a great parent so STFU. 
  • r0hnr0hn Member Posts: 185
    Dungeon Seige is alot like Diablo.
  • JackgreyJackgrey Member Posts: 15

    I would agree with the above people that mentioned Sacred and Morrowind.

    I found Sacred to be fun for a bit.

    Never played Guild Wars...but I might give it a try.

    Ashen Empires is great for a smaller view...but you will have to pay 8.95/mo after your 7 day trial. I subscribe to Ashen Empires myself. The combat/interface is something I beleive you would enjoy.

    Who knows?

    You have received some great ideas for direction in this thread. Go try them out and see for yourself!


  • _myko_myko Member Posts: 333

    Originally posted by SBC3

    after that troll any possible inclination to help you disappeared. I'd recommend going back to your studies rather than wasting time playing computer games...


    PvE in general is pretty lame, if you think long and hard about it. You are spending your time beating a severely gimped AI that would lose to a well trained monkey. Best not to think too long and hard why you are wasting time playing games in general actually...

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