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Is this normal?

Ok, lets say that someone gets banned from an mmorpg for saying something bad about the company or developers on a 3rd party communication forums like fansites and IRC.

I am asking this because the MMO I hang out, someone that everyone liked a lot got banned for the same thing and they are all jumping on the mass account canceling bandwagon because someone everyone liked alot got banned.

This method is related to "Big Brother is watching you".


  • SchizneaSchiznea Member Posts: 62

    It's a difficult situation, seeing as the company can kick anyone for any reason... Still I think it's VERY harsh to kick someone because he/she does not like a company... There is such a thing as freedom of speach, but it's really their choice... wich sucks for your friend. Well I don't know what there is to say about it, you could protest, file a petition.  Anyway, just out of curiosity, what did your friend say, and about what game/company?

    I hope it gets resolved soon ;)



  • LreguizrLreguizr Member Posts: 207

    He said something real bad about a GM names Moll(from Themis group) because that GM made the universe more of a carebear roleplaying rather than player to player role playing.

  • XzaroXzaro Member UncommonPosts: 1,719

    What MMORPG would this be? ::::39::


  • LreguizrLreguizr Member Posts: 207

    I think it was Jumpgate that happened.
    Themis group actually handles the community for it.

  • SchizneaSchiznea Member Posts: 62

    Oh, well.... this IS harrassment, commenting someone badly who does not wish to be commented in such a way.
    They prolly kicked him under ''harrassment policies''

    sorry, well I think hes right btw, KILL KILL KILL!
    Don't love...... not in MMORPG's anyway.
    J/K :P



  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433

    They can, but it is a LOT of work...and even in the case of the worst board troll, it is easy to argue if it help or hinder the company more.


    IMO a company that does that have to little content and to much free time.


    It is a little like a highschool teacher that would remove a student from an ''reward activity'' based on how he behave in his hockey team for others reasons then physical violence, on their own, without the request of the hockey coach.  A studen is verbally mean to others at the arena, a teacher can sanction against say student in his class, but it is easy to argue if it help or hinder more.


    95% of the teachers would certainly not act this strongly, althought quite a few would be chatting a little and prolly trying another way to improve the student behavior at arena, sanction is a last arrow...

    - "If I understand you well, you are telling me until next time. " - Ren

  • LightSlayerLightSlayer Member Posts: 182

    Its just like gravity they are DUMB......I hate gravity =(



  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    Do we have facts here?

    Speculating on the rumors of 3rd-hand information leads to ridiculous conclusions.

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