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Error with Images in User Galaries..

ColdrenColdren Member UncommonPosts: 495

I'm having an issue viewing images in galleries in Firefox. I use IE, and they work fine, however.

I got to looking in detal, and I see the directory for the image is showing a double slash.. For example:

That uses a double slash after .com...

Is there anyway this could be  a problem? Is there any reason it's formatted this way instead of using a single slash?



  • DameonkDameonk Member UncommonPosts: 1,914

    It's most likely the same problem as this post.

    "There is as yet insufficient data for a meaningful answer."

  • ColdrenColdren Member UncommonPosts: 495

    It's enabled, and still not showing images. Thanks though!

    I'll keep digging.

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