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Ashen Empires - Dont believe the hype



  • Thought I'd add my 2c in here. Thank you to all non-AE players that have posted either positive or negative comments CONSTRUCTIVELY. Even if you disagree with us, please have a reason other than lots of us coming over here at once. All of these accounts are not managed by one person, all different people (for those skeptics).

    Ashen Empires is a good game. Unlike many other online games I have played, you actually are kept interested for a long time and hardly ever get bored as there is a lot of diversity in the game. People who havent tried it should at least download it and play the 7 day free trial. As I heard someone before say, AE isnt a game for everyone, many people won't and don't like it. But I think there are some people in these forums who will like this game as much as we do. So let us show these people the game so they can at least have the free trial and find out whether they like it or not for themselves and not the idiot spammers/trollers in these forums making threads like this putting down a game they have played for a maximum of 30 minutes or so.


    [/rant] :)

  • Rachel1Rachel1 Member Posts: 17

    Originally posted by Bitey

    Originally posted by kb4blu
    Why dont we just all the HELL grow up.
    I am so sick of the bickering on this forum.
    I guess my age (59) make me impatient with all this childish BS that goes on here.

    Mabye you should grow the hell up. 60 years old and still playing kids video games?

    GROW UP????? You sit around on your butt playing games all day long that some grown up has created?  I bet some adult pays for you to sit around playing that game too.  And I guess you made that computer and all the equipment it takes to run the games you play too?
  • I have been playing this game -Ashen Empires- for a long time.  I dont play because of the Graphics but because of the community. i cant really speak for the pvp. communitiy but i can for the non pvp community. this is the only game i have ever seen. where the game makers are extreamly active with the game and the GM's actually care.  and ive played many games.  WoW, SwG, Ev1, Ev2, and many more there all very good games. but none of them have something like this small game. they dont have a community where everyone cares and knows.  this is the only game that ive seen people help each other.  where guilds become familys, and most important of all have fun doing it.

    im not sure why this arguement started or why.  but why are we even argueing... we know what our game is like why do you give those select few the pleasure of makeing you angry. 

    yes our game dosent have the best graphics.

    as for the GMs there aboslutely the best ive seen in any game.  same with the dev's i dont think i could play a game again that, the makers wernt as acctive in as this game.

    im not saying our game is better than anyones :) WoW, SwG, Ev1 and 2, and all the others every one of those games have something to keep the players there that they like. why do you look for the bad things. why not look for the good things in the games instead of just the negitive.


                                                                                          Subaru- Ashen Empires.

  • ZaniZani Member Posts: 16

    Originally posted by crazguerilla
    =D yay zani, dont worry, there not complete idiots, they just need to find there ashen empire soul, i bet it stuck in the rune spire like barb's urn ;P

    I would love to see some of these people last long enough to make the journey to one of the runespires.

  • Lol, I bet all of the non-AE players are wondering wtf a runespire is and deciding whether it is an insult or something :P

    All we need to do is get JTB, Elfelf and Bunzi here together working as a team and the forums are as good as ours :D

    AE all the way!

  • PsyklonPsyklon Member Posts: 33

    Gathering of the trolls..or is it one ..we will never know.


  • Funny how you included yourself in that category by posting here, yet who am I to question your categorizing skills? I'm just an AE player with a low post count (Trash to you)

  • Originally posted by Psyklon

    Gathering of the trolls..or is it one ..we will never know.

    =o pffffffft dont be jealous,just cuz AE roxors go cry your eyes out cuz you dont have a lvled char over hurr image
    maybe youll realize how awesome ae is, and its not just the game, its the community as well, with members like rach and boe
  • ZaniZani Member Posts: 16

    Originally posted by Psyklon
    Gathering of the trolls..or is it one ..we will never know.

    Instead of being so lazy why don't you open your eyes and actually read?
    Since when is posting opinions about a game we love trolling?
    Talk about Orwellian standards. You give the community a bad name through your

  • Never Mind someone told me in a pm wow thats harsh lol i think ill go have a drinkimage
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