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hi i used to play a game called myth of soma, can anyone tell me if there are any free games like this, or maybe medevil / fantasy games that are free? or have a free trial atleast?

thanks ::::01::


  • XpheyelXpheyel Member Posts: 704

    I don't know what Myth of Soma is like.

    This thread has the list of free games.

    Well I usually suggest Rubies of Eventide. Its kind of in game limbo and content doesn't come out fast but I really like most of it. RuneScape is good enough for the first 30-50 levels in most skills, I would not suggest devoting a lot of time to it because the time it takes to get anything useful after that (via one of the purest grinding systems known to our race) is similar in concept to Tatooine. A barren planet stretching to infinity in all directions, filled with the pain of endless burning sands and burning suns.


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